Free Flipping Book Software to Spice up Your Content

There is an overwhelming focus for online businesses to develop a powerful content marketing strategy and a flippingbook provides an ideal solution. In search of a flipping book software, I experimented with various tools that should help make tedious design jobs easier. To date, the best solution I have found that makes a visual impact is Yumpu’s flippingbook magazine software.

As a digital marketer, I find the lack of reliable flipbook software for creating content frustrating. There is only so much you can do with blogs and landing pages to make content visually appealing. And software companies typically make promises they don’t keep.

If you own a business that publishes marketing content offline, making the transition to digital publishing is the natural choice to promote your business and products online.

A flippingbook can not only be beneficial for a publisher business but rather for everyone.

A digital brochure flipping book software converts a pdf into a stunning online publication in a matter of minutes. Once you have arranged your marketing content in an Adobe pdf file, all you have to do is convert the pdf to a flippingbook using a flipping book software.

Yet there are few software options that are affordable and convenient while being easy-to-use.

This may sound too straight forward for it to be true, but believe me it is. You really can produce premium content within a few minutes at the touch of a button.

What is flipping book software?

Stop. What’s a flipping book?

The idea of the original flipbook began offline way back in the late 19th Century. They became a popular medium for telling stories with moving pictures and became the forerunner of film making. Flipbooks were so revered they have even featured in films.

But flipbooks inspired more than the film industry. A spate of devices including the kaleidoscope and the folioscope followed, but the original flipping book never failed to capture the attention of a willing audience.

Traditionally, every picture in a flipping book is a still image. But as we move into the digital age, flipping book video embeds are extending the evolution of flipping books and promises to usher in a new lease of life that will delight readers in the 21st Century as well.

Now that you know what a flippingbook is, let’s get back to your original question.

Flipping book software is a digital publishing solution that enables content creators to transform a simple pdf file into an interactive magazine without flash setup.

A person that wants to create a flippingbook has access to various online and offline flipping book software for free. This means you can choose between online and desktop publisher software. Once published, a flippingbook can be distributed via email, shared via social media or posted to a WordPress website. Most flipping book creators have Google analytics integration so you can see how your audience is interacting with your content.

How to use flipping book software?

Flippingbook software is really quite simple to use. You create content in a Word document or on PowerPoint and convert it to a pdf. All you do then is load the pdf file into your flipping book publisher.

Most flipping book online publishers have a WordPress integration plugin that enables you to publish and promote your content effortlessly. You will also be able to save your files in a cloud host. Creating a bookshelf to embed on your website and display your collection of published magazines is another great possibility.

Why use flipping book software?

Search engines and consumers demand high-quality content and a rich user-experience. The challenge marketers face to engage readers is becoming more difficult as competition in the digital space grows.

Online catalog software provides a solution. A flipbook supports stunning graphic images and provides the ability to embed multimedia files, add video, audio and other effective interactive features. All serve to provide a unique user-experience and enables marketers to take readers on a digital journey.

Animated flipping book software is compatible with HTML5, jquery and Java Script so can be used to create an all-round interactive experience. And it doesn’t matter what device your audience is using because the flip effect is mobile-friendly and can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux to create eye-catching content from scratch.

The end product delivers the equivalent of a traditional brochure, magazine or leaflet, but in digital format. Because the graphics are so stunning, flipping books have the potential to improve engagement rates, capture more leads and increase conversions.

A flipbook maker is also very easy to use and can be integrated with social media networks and embedded on your website in a matter of clicks. Flipbooks are also indexed by search engines so are a practical choice for SEO purposes.

Search engines rank websites that engage browsers. Online users stay on websites that are aesthetically pleasing and publish quality content. Flipping books certainly make an impact on the eye. Providing your content creation team has the imagination and the ability to produce top-quality content, flipping book software will pay dividends.

Multimedia Flippingbook

The advantage an online flippingbook gives marketers over any other content publishing software is the scope to include a diverse variety of rich media. This gives publishers the opportunity to create a fully immersive experience.

Modern consumers demand variety and you can use flipping book software to your advantage. Compatible with almost any file type, publishers can embed video, audio, images and hyperlinks into the pages of an animated flipbook.

To add advanced features in your publications, you can buy 3D flipping book software and make slideshows and prepare galleries in 2D and 3D. And producing compelling graphics for your content marketing strategy is far easier in a pdf flipping book software than design suites such as Photoshop and Indesign.

This ability to produce such dynamic content enables marketers to piece together an entire purchasing path in one convenient space. This strategy also provides visitors access to all the information they need without having to search for information or products on your website.

As a matter of fact, you can embed hyperlinks and link to your product pages or landing pages directly from the online catalog. When you incorporate flipbooks into your content marketing strategy you can help steer customers along the purchasing path and give them all the information they need, both in the flipbook magazine software, on your website or from elsewhere around the web.

The best flipping book software gives you the tools to produce such engaging content you can lead consumers directly to the buy button. And there are plenty of interactive features you can employ to get them there.

Of course, even with powerful software like flipping book technology, publishers are still required to produce a diverse range of content that captures the imagination and the interests of your audience.

Diversify your content

The key to increasing sales from an online catalog follows the same principles as social media marketing: don’t push a hard sale. Modern consumers do not trust brand ads and want information, not intrusion.

A stronger content marketing strategy to include in your digital flipbook is to use all the tools of your online content marketing strategy and deliver content in a way your audience is accustomed to offline.

Think of a magazine for example. Write articles rather than ad copy, adopt the principles of landing pages into one page ads, tell your brand story, include a promotional video and embed a podcast into the pages of your content.

An online catalog maker gives you the potential to provide consumers with in-depth information about your products and services – and with stunning visuals. However, some publications should not be entirely about your brand.

Online catalog software is so flexible you can reproduce any type of print publication in the digital space. The transition of turning a pdf into a flipbook is therefore straightforward.

If your company is accustomed to producing leaflets, brochures and catalogs as part of your offline strategy, you can make huge savings by transferring your offline spend into the digital space.

Furthermore, you only have to create one digital catalog and you have an unlimited supply that you can distribute to any device, anywhere in the world. And with the money you save, you can invest in producing a wider range of content to feature in your online flipping book.

Trust and authority

Online magazines give your company authority and enable you to diversify your content in a way that is more engaging to your audience. Furthermore, your sales content can be delivered in a subtle way so that your marketing is not overly strong and ‘in the face’ of your customers.

A strong content marketing strategy should include industry news and other items from outside your company. By doing so, you can position yourself as an expert in your field and build trust with your audience.

Creating an online magazine provides you with a platform whereby you can publish a wide variety of content in a setting that appears natural to readers. Essentially all you are doing is transferring content typically found in an offline magazine into a digital catalog that can be accessed by a global audience.

The modern consumer is more sceptical about sales and marketing than any other generation. In the online sphere, they are consistently bombarded with ads for products they don’t want or need.

And it is often the case that when consumers do make a purchase, the benefits are not as good as they were led to believe. Therefore, now more than ever it is impotant to include trust and authority in your marketing strategy.

Because trustworthy high-quality content sells.

Dynamic visuals are more convincing than anything produced by flipping book alternatives. The only other option to produce the same quality of images is to pay a graphic designer. And they do not come cheap!

Digital catalog software is highly versatile. This enables marketers to build a relationship with readers. Flipping book publisher downloads look great so are appealing to the eye. They deliver a unique user-experience and they enable you to publish a wide variety of content your readers can interact with.

Adding a digital catalog maker to your marketing arsenal gives you the ammunition to add more firepower to your content strategy. In an age where consumers demand premium content, digital catalog software provides a solution to make their online shopping experience more satisfying.

What flipping book software providers are out there?

flipping book software providers

There are no shortage of flipping book publishers, but the software program you choose depends on what you need it for. Not all flipping book software have the same features and some will limit you to what you can achieve.

Whatever your purpose is, I recommend taking advantage of the free trial offers before committing yourself to a full investment. Some companies that sell flipping book software offer both, a free version and a paid package. To give you a quick overview, below is a list of flipping book magazine software programs I have tried.


• Customisation features
• Insert video files, sound, links and slideshows into your flipping book
• Cloud hosting
• Promotional video of your publication
• Optimised content delivery
• Social buttons for easy sharing
• Website embed widgets
• Technical support (phone and email)
• Interactive features
• Responsive designs (every flippingbook is optimized for mobile)

Flip PDF

• White label branding
• 85 built-in templates
• Customisable flippingbook
• Background animations
• Background music
• Interactive features
• Pop-up-windows
• Shopping cart
• Cloud storage
• Video tutorials

Flipbook maker

• Custom branding
• 28 pre-made templates
• Interactive features
• Mobile-friendly
• SEO compatible
• Offline version
• Webpage embedding

3D PageFlip

• White label branding
• 63 pre-formatted templates
• Table of contents editor
• Interactive features: tabs, images, links, music
• Social media buttons
• Email
• Flippingbook full Screen mode
• Support converting OpenOffice files (open source software) to a flippingbook

What’s the best free flipping book software?

If you search online you will find plenty of flipping book software reviews.

The best flipping book software I have used personally is Yumpu (the free and full version).

What I like about their software is you can convert pdf files in a matter of minutes. Additionally, you can fully integrate your content with social media networks, websites and video hosting platforms (like Vimeo or Youtube).

Yumpu’s flipping book free software also gives you more options than most others I tried. You can use a full set of interactive features that can be accessed on any device.

The flippingbook you create is responsive. So there are no design issues for end-users. You would still need to upgrade to a paid package to remove the Yump logo and include your own branding. But the free version gives you more of a feel for what the software can do than all other brands I encountered.

For marketers challenged with publishing premium content, the visual impact flipping book software offers gives you the edge over your competitors.

As an experienced digital marketer, I really can see flipbooks as the next phase of content marketing. And I doubt flipping book software will be a passing phase. So here’s your chance to keep up with the digital age – Try Yumpu’s free software and get ahead of your competitors!

Jason Marshal

Author: Jason Marshal

Hi, my name is Jason, I'm a part-time chef and full-time digital marketing guru, I know pay-per-click advertising like the back of my hand. I’m also passionate about skateboarding.

  1. Enjoyed reading your article – thanks for sharing! This is called writing a post that never bores the readers at any point. I totally agree with you that there aren’t many flipping book software that are at the same time affordable, convenient and easy to use. They all promote the same advantages (more or less). But when taking a closer look, there are indeed crucial differences.

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    • Jason Marshal

      Hey Leslie,

      Glad you enjoyed the post.
      You’re absolutely right. So make sure you test them all out to find the one that suits you best 🙂

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  2. Interesting, though I have heard about flipping book software the impression i had was that they are costly, coming across this article has enlightened me more about this kind of software. I will try out Yumpu’s like you suggested.

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    • Jason Marshal

      Hi Rachael, glad you learned some new stuff. Regards, Jason

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  3. Agreed 100%. I especially liked that you mentioned Yumpu, as I have been using their software for the last 2 years and I’m very happy with it. It’s super easy to use. Thanks for the detailed article, Jason.

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    • Jason Marshal

      Thanks Leo. I’m right there with you.

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  4. Hi Jason, I like this kind of software a lot as it helps in diversifying content and building a stronger marketing concept to boost sales. Thank you for taking the time to share all these details with us, I really appreciate it.

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    • Jason Marshal

      You’re welcome, Gabriela. I felt like interested people needed a detailed explanation of flipping book software and its uses.

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  5. A plethora of valuable information and advice. I enjoy your simple explanations. Thanks a bunch for sharing.
    Have a super fabulous day. Cheers, David

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    • Jason Marshal

      Glad to see that you enjoyed the post 🙂

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  6. Hi, have you come across any updates on Windows 10 compatibility from Flipbuilder or KVISoft Flipbook Maker? Would you recommend an online service or rather a desktop tool?

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    • Jason Marshal

      Hi Amanda, FlipBuilder’s Flip PDF desktop tool is compatible with Windows 10. But as far as I know, KVISoft still doesn’t support Windows 10. I personally prefer online services. You don’t need to download another software to your computer while being able to exploit the power of cloud hosting. Hope that helps, Jason

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  7. Very enlightening and informative, I would however like to know the differences between an online and an offline flipping book software. Especially the pros and cons

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    • Jason Marshal

      Hi Emmy, I personally prefer online over offline services as you don’t need to install it on your computer. Such software always require lots of storage space. Using an online platform, you can benefit from cloud hosting, support (often via live chat) and easy accessibility. Moreover, you don’t need to install any upgraded versions once something has been changed. On the contrary, some advantages of offline software include: no Internet dependency and safe storage of information. Hope this helps, Jason

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  8. Hi Jason, I have been searching for reliable software for some time now but without success; I was testing mostly trial versions. I will try Yumpu’s software and hope this is the right one for me. Thanks a bunch

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    • Jason Marshal

      Hi Laura, you are welcome. I’m sure you will like it 🙂

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  9. Jason Marshal

    Hi there Kate, definitely. Flipping books provide the ability to embed multimedia files (video and audio), slideshows, links etc. They resemble print publications due to their flipping effects. All serve to provide a unique user-experience by taking readers and customers on a digital journey.

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  10. I don’t know much about this but I am a blogger and I do occasional freelancing, how can flipping book software be beneficial to someone like me?

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    • Jason Marshal

      Hi Rose, basically, flipping book software is useful for marketers and all other content creators. It makes multimedia content creation easy and helps you to spread and embed the content within a very short time. Kind regards, Jason

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  11. Hi JAson. What I really love about flipping book software when compared with other content marketing solutions is the page flipping effect.

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    • Jason Marshal

      Thanks for your comment, Edmund. Same here 🙂

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  12. I hope that this software uploads documents fast because the free one I have tried out is somehow slow in uploading documents

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    • Jason Marshal

      Hi Mark, basically the conversion process is fairly quick. But please note that the conversion speed depends on your file’s size, resolution and of course, your Internet connection. Regards, Jason

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  13. According to my research, most professionaly flipping book software range between $70 to $100 for standard and $270 to $500 for pro. Do you really think the free version will be suitable for a digital marketer like me? I’m not sure yet. Thanks and regards – Tammy

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    • Jason Marshal

      Hi Tammy, I’m a digital marketer too and I used the free version in the beginning. And I believe it is suitable for you as well.

      A few weeks ago, I’ve upgraded to the adfree version because I decided to use my own logo and custom backgrounds, etc.

      Depending on the task at hand you might need to upgrade but that can be done with a click of a button. And let’s be honest, $10/month is not a whole lot of money.

      Let me know if you need anything else, Tammy 🙂

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  14. Great article, Jason. Thanks a lot for sharing so many helpful details!

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    • Jason Marshal

      Thanks for your kind words, Linda. Best, Jason

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