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Flipbook WordPress Plugins with the first big Winner among all

Flipbook WordPress Plugins with the first big Winner among all

How do you easily create stunning-looking flipbooks for your website from PDFs? After doing some research, I was unsure if I’d ever find a solution to my problem. How could I reach more readers and potential customers? I finally, came across the best flipbook WordPress plugins for PDF to HTML5 flipbook conversions: the free flipbook WordPress plugin YUMPU Publishing.

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I have found the ultimate digital solution

As a chef and online marketing guru, I love it to combine my passion for cooking with great web content. I’d just rather be able to create mind-blowing content, with great multimedia components (video and audio). I like sharing recipes and things I have learned in the kitchen on social networks in my spare time, whilst learning new ways of marketing content to people.

One of the problems I have found, whether when I want to share a new recipe or create winning web content at work, is creating slick, beautiful, and responsive magazine-style content. Content that has the look and feels of a glossy magazine when viewed on a tablet, smartphone, or even a PC.So I did a lot of research and decided to create interactive content using a flipbook WordPress plugin.

I tested all the different flipbook to WordPress plugins out there.

Keeping costs and opting for either a catalogue plugin-free solution, or software for free was an important factor in choosing to use a flipbook creator for WordPress websites rather than other options for displaying content in the way I wanted to.

After searching around the web for a while, looking at everything from WordPress book catalog themes to responsive plugins and catalog gallery applications, I came across the idea of using a free web catalog plugin for my WordPress site.

And the simple best choice for me was YUMPU Publishing.

Their flipbook WordPress plugin seamlessly works with WordPress and the WP backend.

It is easy to use and great for beginners.

As well as for non-tech-savvy people to get to grips with. Should you still have any questions, they offer great support as well.

Wait, what is a flipbook WordPress plugin?

To help you better understand the whole topic, let’s first start with a few basics.

What’s WordPress?

Put simply, WordPress is a way to easily create and host brilliant-looking websites. Here are free trial and paid versions that offer different packages. Basic levels of packages only allow more basic editing (though you can edit in HTML free for more options). Businesses and advanced packages allow one to install premium plugins.

When you activate plugins they allow you to increase the overall functionality of your WordPress site. WordPress offers miscellaneous themes and templates that are fully customizable (using CSS). WordPress works as a free and open-source content management system or CMS.

Content management systems are the editorial and creating as well as hosting platforms that you can use to build websites (just like this one!). By being open-source, WordPress has released its underlying code into the (web)developer community.

And just like other open-source systems, like Android from Google, this has allowed lots of developers to create ways of adding extra functions or popular items to a website hosted in WordPress.

These ‘plugins’ can work in similar ways to how apps do on a smartphone. Plugins are opening up new ways of doing things and extra functions.

wordpress plugins logo

First, you search for the appropriate plugin and download it to your WordPress site.

To get things going, click ‘activate plugin’ and it will add the plugin to your site.

The best type of app or plugin I found for converting content already in PDF format into glossy magazine-style web content is flipbook WordPress plugins. A digital flipping book software plugin for wp helps you to add a page flip effect to your PDF. The great thing is that some of the best WordPress flipbook plugins (also HTML5) are free to start trying on your site, with low costs after that.

What’s a flipbook?

Your first questions might be, what is a flipbook, what can I do with it and what will it cost me?

A flipbook is a PDF that is converted into a page turning online publication. You only need to upload your PDF to whatever platform you want to use and get a flipbook as an output. To further enhance it, you can add video and audio content.

Some platforms (mainly fee-based ones) offer a flip book template to further help you with creating a flipbook from scratch. Most flipbook WordPress plugins are gratis. Within a WordPress site, they work as a WordPress flipbook PDF converter, taking content that you have created in a PDF file and transforming it.

What is a WordPress flipbook?

Using websites like flippingbook or PDF to html5 flipbook software makes creating a flip html5 document catalog or magazine flip book a doddle.

A PDF to flipbook converter takes plain content and transforms it into a beautiful piece of engaging content.

A responsive flip book 2 WordPress plugin makes it seem like the viewer is flipping the pages of a real print document as they navigate through your content.

Use this flipbook PDF plugin or e-catalog plugin to make fantastic online publications.

Some of your favorite magazines on the web might well be using a WordPress free flipbook plugin to create sites you love browsing every day.

Moreover, a flipping book HTML5 wp plugin is a great way if you want to target mobile readers as well.

HTML5 support enables you to engage your readers across all devices. So, why not take advantage of some of the great flipbook WordPress plugins?

Why flipbooks for WordPress?

Let’s look at some of the common questions which come up when using and looking at flipbooks for WordPress.

People generally use flipbook WordPress plugins for their WordPress sites when they have extra content (usually in the form of a PDF) that they want to present to a reader as a glossy and professional-looking catalog.

It addresses the issue seen in a number of web plugins which often throw up the message “mobile version not available”, allowing readers to enjoy content on websites and on any device.

You can enhance and style your WordPress theme with a flipbook catalog (business catalog, company catalog, etc.).

Use a flipbook plugin, to create custom flipbooks

  • How to use flipbook on WordPress?

    You will basically look through the catalogue of plugins which are free and choose the right one for you. By scrolling down, you can view my review of the available plugins on the market below, and which I think is the best. You will easily be able to find and install a flipbook WordPress plugin for free on your WordPress site. Just follow the instructions in the PDF flip plugin and you’ll be there in a few minutes.

  • How do you get on with Fipbook plugin to WordPress development and integration?

    Adding a flipbook WordPress plugin to WordPress is simple. To add a (HTML5) flip book effect, you can start by finding and installing the plugin you want (a flip catalog creator of your choice). You can either upload the zip file of your favorite flipbook WordPress plugin. Or alternatively, as you type it into the search field, WordPress comes up with suggestions. Later on, it will be available in your list of installed plugins. Activate the plugin, following any on screen instructions and you will be ready to go!

  • How to Embed Flipbook on WordPress?

    This will depend on the plugin you download and install. They are generally quite quick and easy to use. Some offer helpful on screen prompts which guide you through the process of creating a flipbook and embedding it on your site.

Choose from different PDF flipbook WordPress plugins!

16 free and easy responsive flipbook WordPress plugins

Here’s a list of 16 flipbook WordPress plugins you can install to trial or create your first WordPress catalog file out of a PDF.

The first 5 free flipbook WordPress plugins are my preferred ones though.

YUMPU Publishing


Image of YUMPU Publishing’s Flipbook Website.

Their flipbook WordPress plugin provides WordPress marketers with the opportunity to quickly transform unlimited PDF page files into a readable page flip flipbook.

By embedding the links into your WordPress posts, you give your readers access to additional content that is visually engaging.

You don’t need to create an extra mobile version because the flipbook WordPress plugin automatically adapts it to all devices.

If your readers want to view your publication on full screen, they can simply click on it.

Html5 ePapers are ideal and popular if you have a large document that you want to break down in bite-sized chunks that are easier to digest.

For easy navigation, the shortcuts take readers to designated points in the publication.

They don’t have to flick through the entire document to find what they need. In addition, the support team will be there if any help is needed when you create the PDF flipbook HTML5 plugin.

And that’s not all of their incredible benefits.

Incredible Features + Benefits

As I previously told you, I was struggling with creating interactive content, but that was not the only problem I had to deal with before I found this WordPress Plugin.

I was also not growing my reader and customer base,  even though I shared my simple PDF documents on my social media channels and uploaded them to my website.

I was frustrated, to say the least.

When I finally made the switch to use this flipbook WordPress plugin to create magazines instead of simple PDFs with Adobe Acrobat, my flipbook was ranking on the top spot in Google Search after only 3 weeks thanks to YUMPU Publishing’s artificial intelligence!

I could not believe it! I was actually really impressed by that because I have not been able to rank my previously created PDF documents in Google. But switching from plain PDF to an ePaper really made the switch.

I also added some pictures of my food, and besides only the magazine getting indexed, my photos got indexed too! I could even find them in the image search of Google.

Since ranking high in Google, traffic on my flipbook increased by 52%!


Traffic on my Magazine

Can you believe that?

This finally allowed my content to get the visibility it deserved.

In addition to that, the software is very easy to use.

Flipping Book

Image of Flipping Book’s website.

Flipping Book for WordPress is one of the most popular pieces of digital PDF catalog plugin software available.

It is a great example of both software, like catalog maker software and flipping book maker online software.

It fully justifies its five-star ratings in WordPress.

The installed flipping book HTML5 plugin (optimized for mobile as well) enables you to copy and paste the url that hosts your Flipping Book publication page.

You don’t have to tweak the embed code using these flipping book WordPress widgets.

You can easily integrate the PDF into WordPress by using the embed code.


Image of Issuu’s website.

Issuu is one of the most widely used and top flipbook site makers on WordPress. It is compatible with desktop PCs and mobile devices.

To install the popular digital PDF flip book WordPress plugin you have to get an Issuu API code to enable you to synchronize your PDF file to the site and on mobile devices. You can find step-by-step instructions when installing the flipbook WordPress plugin with examples of how to get everything ready to go.

The installation process is easy and once you are up and running, you can add the page flip book into your post. You can provide your readers with a fully interactive and immersive user experience on their desktop and mobile phones.

If you need any help, you can get support from other Issuu users or search their help center.


ezflippr website

Image of ezFlippr’s website.

The ezFlippr flipbook WordPress plugin gives users access to a wide range of flipbook WordPress features you can use to explore how flippingbook technology works. Using sites like ezFlippr, you can install the flip book or product catalog widget onto your website in one click and add an url to your WordPress catalog content. You can also add a whole flipbook library to your WordPress website if you want. Styling your site is similar to a bookshelf. The version has a watermark although a WordPress discount code for this flip book plugin is offered for a limited period which when activated gives you $10 of the paid version. The ezFlippr page flip software is a good entry-level flipbook publisher trial to discover if your online business will benefit from a free WordPress PDF flipbook.


Image of Flowpaper’s website.

Flowpaper is a free PDF flipbook viewer WordPress plugin that allows users to embed PDF catalogs, brochures, and magazines. Files need to be under 15mb and need to not be unloaded to FlowPaper cloud. It works in most browsers and allows you to customize the overall look of your pages and to show the viewer without FlowPaper’s branding on it. You can use simple light and dark catalog themes. The basic version is limited to 10 pages though. After that, upgrades cost $99 as a one-time fee for lower levels. Higher tiers cost $145 or more and are billed annually.

Wordpress plugin photobook gallery

Image of PhotoBook Gallery WordPress Plugin

It is created specifically for WordPress. The PhotoBook Gallery plugin enables you to add hundreds of images on the page and arrange them into visually stunning picture books – for no cost whatsoever. The software is easy-to-use and is designed to reduce the cost of making a digital magazine, PDF catalog flipbook, or brochure. It may not offer the content diversity many other digital PDF flip book publishing platforms do. However, for a free tool, the Photo Book flippingbook WordPress gallery is ideal for putting a flipbook or flip catalog together.

WP Booklet 2

WP Booklet

Image of WP Booklet Plugin

This is an upgrade or extension to WP Booklet 1 and requires transferring over older files to the new flipbook WordPress plugin. It is used to make brochures and magazine-like pages. There are several free built-in themes. Advanced users can add their own custom flipbook theme. It has most of the features of WP Booklet 1, such as PDF uploads, bulk image uploads for your flip book, and page thumbnails. WP Booklet 2 is a free open-source product, so there are no signup fees.

Responsive WordPress flip book plugin – free download

Responsive WordPress flip book plugin

Image of Responsive WordPress flip book plugin

A responsive Flipbook WordPress plugin is fully operable in HTML as well as jQuery driven and does not need a flash player.

Creating flipping book without a flash means it can be supported by more devices, such as those running different versions of iOS.

This means more people can see your interactive flip book.

The jquery flipbook WordPress plugin free functions are well when content is viewed on either smartphones, tablets, or PCs.

Using the more advanced admin setting, you can set up the plugin with little coding knowledge. There are 11 predefined styles to choose from or you can create your own.

The basic version is free, with a $29 price for the premium alternative.

The plugin comes with a high-resolution live preview panel.

As you can see, there are not only flash flip book plugins out there, there are a variety of different flip PDF products.

Real 3D WordPress Plugin


The Real 3D flipbook is designed to help you create rich media documents straight from your PDF files.

The plugin has several fallback modes which enable the plugin to work on several different platforms.

It functions well on both desktop and mobile devices.

The design is responsive and will resize your flipbook so it properly fits the screen width and height.

It has the standard set of features you would expect.

A regular license is $39.

Flipgorilla Embed

Flip Gorilla Embed

Image of Flip Gorilla Embed Plugin

The Flipgorilla Embed flipbook WordPress plugin allows users to create and set up flipgorilla flipbooks.

It allows you to make flipbooks that are easy to embed using a little piece of WordPress shortcode.

The plugin is operated through two main pages, the ‘manage’ page, and the ‘flipgorilla’ page.

They are used to manage your account from within the plugin.

The plugin allows users to log in to the website and manage your publications.

You can also set things like width, height, and layout for each of your different publications.

You can sign up and start using it for free, but packages with more functions range from $20 through $40 and $60, billed quarterly.

Interactive 3D Flipbook

Interactive 3D Flipbook

Image of Interactive 3D Flipbook Plugin

The Interactive 3D Flipbook WordPress plugin allows you to browse images as well as HTML formats and PDFs.

It turns these formats into flipping books.

You can use it for demonstrations as well as creating books, cards, magazines, booklets, and brochures, as well as lots of other types of flipbook.

This plugin helps get people’s attention and makes a good first impression.

The digital publisher and flipbook WordPress plugin costs $24 through a regular license.

Flip Pong V

Flip Pong V

Image of Flip Pong V Plugin

Flip Pong V is a flipbook WordPress plugin using HTML5 (without flash).

Rather than some other programming options used on this list.

Using their HTML5 flip book WordPress plugin, you can create virtual magazines without code adjustments.

HTML5 technology adds a virtual book flip effect to every catalog page.

You can click over with a keyboard, mouse, or the flick of a finger.

Their free HTML5 page flip book is compatible with iPhones, iPads, and other mobile devices.

It is also compatible with all major operating systems and web browsers.

The plugin is free to download and install.

Exclusive WordPress Plugin


The Exclusive Flipbook for WordPress plugin runs on a flash catalog software, not HTML5.

As such, it is not suitable for creating animated documents if you want them to be viewed on smartphones and other mobile devices which don’t support flash.

You can use the plugin to create catalogs using some flash templates.

You can add lots of images (including png, jpg, and SWF files) to your flip book.

Readers can quickly switch to fullscreen versions and the pages display in a smooth way.

The plugin costs $14 to download and install.

Unreal Flipbook – Visual Composer Addon

Unreal Flipbook - Visual Composer Addon

Image of Unreal Flipbook – Visual Composer Addon

Unreal Flipbook is a visual composer plugin that allows viewers to browse images as well as PDFs or HTML documents as a flipbook.

The plugin can be used for an online catalog, a magazine, book, or brochure, as well as for a booklet and card.

It is a solid plugin for catalog businesses to use as it displays information in a very natural way and makes a good impression on people.

The plugin costs $28 for a regular license.

ePaperflip Publisher

ePaperflip Publisher

Image of ePaperflip Publisher Plugin

The ePapeflip publisher plugin can be used to embedflipb and epaperflip digital catalogs into your website.

There’s a code generator.

Using a simple line of code, you can easily embed your catalog or other publications onto your WordPress site.

It works well as a PDF flipping book reader though it might not be the greatest currently on the market.

There were no updates in the last two years.

Thus, it might not be supported or maintained any longer.

It looks like you can still download and install the maker free of charge.

It can also be seen as a WordPress catalog viewer plugin.

Free flip book catalog plugin with WooCommerce

Free flip book catalog plugin with WooCommerce

Image of Free flip book catalog plugin with WooCommerce

This catalog viewer is designed to integrate with WooCommerce and create beautiful digital catalogs.

In the past, this was the WordPress catalog plugin best suited to e-commerce.

For example, online shops can come up with product catalogs listing the most popular items.

However, whilst previous editions were very good, this flipbook WordPress plugin has not been updated in the last couple of years.

As such you can’t guarantee it will work properly as it is not being maintained or supported by the developer.

You are also unlikely to get publisher help or support from the site behind it.

Downloading, installing, and using this flipbook creator for WordPress websites might not be a good idea.

Which is the best flipbook WordPress plugin?

There are miscellaneous plugins that help you integrate your flipbook to your WordPress website or blog.

But for me personally, YUMPU Publishing’s WordPress flipbook HTML5 plugin works best.

It is easy to use and it converts your flash PDF into a flipbook in an instant. This also makes it a must-have for all tech enthusiasts.

Even once, when I had a question the support team answered within the shortest amount of time.

For more choices and information about the right WordPress flipbook plugin and the ratings, take a look at the WordPress flipbook plugin store.

Or visit one of the numerous forums to get a second opinion.

I’m sure that you’ll find a responsive flipbook WordPress plugin that suits your needs.

Whether you’re in the publisher business or a newbie in that area, creating digital catalogues can benefit everyone.

In my opinion, WordPress flipbooks are destined to revolutionize website and blog content.

The good thing is that you can create a flipbook even if you have no WordPress skills by using one of the many web platforms.

So if a flipbook WordPress plugin is not working for you, try an online software to convert your PDF to a flipping book flash.

They even offer free flip book maker software on the web where you can sign up with email or social logins.

After a long search and trying out all sorts of flipbook WordPress plugins like Flipping Book, Issuu, and ezFlippr, I finally found the perfect solution for my needs.

Go and see for yourself why I am so satisfied with the WordPress plugin from YUMPU Publishing!

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