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WordPress Catalog ᐅ Market Your Products Effectively

WordPress Catalog ᐅ Market Your Products Effectively

Imagine if the technology existed that allowed you to transform a standard blog page into a visually stunning WordPress catalog. Because that is exactly what digital flipbook makers do. And you can download plugins directly and install them on your WordPress site. Just to briefly explain, a flipbook WordPress is software that enables you to transform a simple pdf file into a digital magazine in WordPress. It looks and behaves exactly like a print magazine. Therefore, they call them WordPress flipbooks. Marketers will also find other uses for flipbooks too; catalogs, brochures, leaflets, eBooks, you name it. Anything you can publish in print, you can replicate in the digital space using flipbook software. And to give you a visual, flipbook catalogs look like this: Digital flipbooks look cool, right? That’s not all. Here’s what you can do with them to market your products.

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Write in-depth articles in a WordPress Catalog

Consumers want to get more information about products before they purchase and writing in-depth articles about your merchandise satisfies their demands.

Furthermore, a recent survey revealed that 72% of Millennials said they would be more inclined to purchase an item if there was an image of somebody using the product.

But flipbooks enable marketers to push product and brand awareness a few steps further than still images. You can…

…embed a video

Online video is the future of content marketing. And the latest statistics show video ads have more benefits than Aloe Vera.

By embedding a video into your WordPress digital catalog you can diversify your content and engage your audience.

Videos also give your audience optional content to interact with wherever they are. Mobile users for example are more inclined to watch video footage than read an article.

But it is the power of video as a selling tool that marketers will benefit from marketing products in a WordPress media catalog. You can demonstrate how to use your product. Then you can show interviews of satisfied customers who can act as your honest customer testimonial.

two examples of flipbook catalogs

Two examples of flipbook catalogs.

Integrate WordPress Flipbook with social media

You can instantly reach a wider audience by posting flipbooks to your social media accounts directly from the digital catalog maker software.

If your content is engaging enough, your followers are more inclined to share your flipbook with their friends, thus increasing your brand awareness.

social media can further help you to spread your flipbooks

Use the power of social media to distribute your flipbooks with lightning speed.

The catalog software produces stunning visuals, which is a true eye-catcher. This will for sure stand out in social news feeds more than any other content that has been posted.

Flipbook WordPress is the future of content marketing. And now the technology is there to provide your audience with an immersive and interactive user experience, flipbooks give marketers the potential to increase engagement, attract new customers and improve sales conversions.

If you are curious about trialing WordPress catalog maker software to see what it can do for your content marketing strategy, check out one of the free flipping book html5 plugins which enable you to test drive the software before purchasing a premium package.

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