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Promote your products fast and easy with this special

Promote your products fast and easy with this special

Online shopping is about to enter a revolutionary stage. Free flipbook maker software seems destined to become the next big thing in content marketing. Advanced technology produces mind-blowing graphics. It also produces a digital user experience and the capacity to integrate multimedia files. Because of that, the flipbook provides powerful platforms for marketers to engage customers. A free animated flipbook creator can convert PDF files. It can also reproduce standard web pages into eye-catching product pages. The stunning flipping book or page-turning effect and space are of advantage to write a captivating copy. Using digital catalog software, you can promote your entire range of products in a free HTML5 flip book. You can also distribute it across multiple platforms for use on any device.

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Here’s how a free digital flipbook maker works

You can customize fields to set up product categories. That helps users find what they are looking for quickly and easily. You can then use other variants to establish sub-categories.

For example, if you are a fashion retailer, you can set up a product category for shoes. Like subcategories for men’s shoes, women’s shoes, high-heel shoes, designer shoes, running shoes, etc.

A catalog maker engages shoppers

An example of a fashion catalog made with a catalog maker.

The PDF page free flipping book HTML5 maker editing software also enables you to include and create product images, prices and product descriptions or any other information you want to include that will prompt consumers to purchase such as limited stock.

You can also update with this awesome software a PDF flipbook at any point, so changing prices and how many items you have left in stock can be performed on a daily basis without little disruption to your online service.

High resolution images

Images are a vital ingredient for capturing the attention of your audience. Free PDF to flipping book software has the capacity to store multiple images for one product so you can showcase your merchandise from different angles.

And loading images is a synch. Simply drag and drop, or cut and paste jpeg files from your image folder and pop them into the flipbook software. If required, you can also resize and crop images to create a page with the style you want for your PDF flipping book.

Multiple layout options

You can create any content you like for a flash flip book. If you have special offers on a regular basis, dedicate a page to the latest offers. You can easily change a product page as and when you like so your free digital flipbooks keep constantly evolving with very little effort and at no extra cost.

You can also embed video and audio files into a flippingbook by using flipping book software. So if you have a promotional video for your products or your brand, use it to diversify your flipbook content. Audio files enable you to add background music to give customers an in-store experience or even perhaps advertising jingles as you hear on the radio.

For marketers looking to get ahead of the competition, there is no better time than now to adopt a free flipbook page catalog maker and take advantage of a powerful publishing platform before your rivals do.

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