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Digital Catalog Software ⇒ Add video, audio and more

Digital Catalog Software ⇒ Add video, audio and more

This digital catalog software is the latest content publishing platform that enables marketers to seduce an audience. And by adding multimedia files you can tell your brand story in a compelling fashion all in one place. Rich content attracts and retains readers. The bigger your audience is, the more customers are likely to convert. A digital flipping book software provides marketers with a platform that enables them to diversify content. You can do that by adding multimedia files in a way that is easy for your customers to access. It is no secret that online content has to be compelling. Visuals are important to capture the attention of consumers and draw them in. Marketers then rely on seductive copy and captivating slogans to evoke emotions. The digital age has enabled publishers to produce different forms of content and distribute it across multi-channel platforms and devices. It is through these various channels that online businesses can build an easy-to-follow purchase path. Yet the challenge marketers face is making their content visible to their online audience through each of these platforms. Especially with the challenges, small businesses face increasing visibility in search engines and social media networks. So imagine if you could create in-depth content that features videos, visuals, audio, and photos to deliver your brand message. Digital flipbooks enable you to do just that. And they are easy to make. Now marketers can create a compelling story through various content formats all in one place. Put your audience into the center of your story. Guide them by hand through every stage of the purchasing process and straight to the conversion sign. Once you learn how to effectively use multimedia content, you will increase the chances of improving your online revenue.

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Digital catalog with eye-catching images

The first step to capturing an audience is a captivating headline and eye-catching images. That immediately draws the eye of the end-user to your content.

Digital platforms enable marketers to mimic the glossy, eye-catching quality of print magazines in the online sphere. The graphic design work is immediately engaging.

Images are a must for any content published online. The digital flipbook does not only allow marketers to embed visuals, they can also use ray-tracing technology to create realistic backgrounds that bring images to life.


Over the last half-decade or so, Ikea has perfected the use of images in digital catalogs. According to reports, 75% of what you see in their online marketing content is an illusion – the background has been designed to give credence to your products.

But it works. Ikea produces amazing images that audiences and drive traffic to their website and physical store. And this digital catalogs software YUMPU Publishing provides them with the perfect tool to achieve the desired results.

Promotions video ads

Videos promotions are at the frontier of online marketing. As a digital catalog maker, 3D Issue claim that interactive content (like videos) is the key to increasing sales revenue.

And the stats don’t lie. Video ads are growing at an exponential rate because they drive customer engagement more than any other advertising medium.

According to Slideshare, videos posted to social media networks generate 1200% more shares than any other type of content.

The simple fact of the matter is that consumers are using mobile devices to conduct searches more than any other type of device. And video is the easiest form of content to digest on smaller screens whilst on the move.

When videos are used strategically for marketing purposes, they are a great way of capturing attention, raising brand awareness, and telling consumers about your product and your company.

Therefore, having the ability to embed videos into your content gives marketers a powerful tool that further enhances the stunning visuals digital catalog software offers.

You can of course embed videos into blog posts or on a video hosting platform such as YouTube or Vimeo, but do they look as good as a digital catalog?

Errrm, no.

Digital Catalog Animation

If there is a medium that can trump traditional video ads, it’s video animation. Consumers love cartoon characters and pencil-drawn people so animated videos are a fun and easy way to deliver your marketing messages.

You may have noticed this trend in TV ads. Complex topics or boring products like insurance companies tend to use animated characters to lend a visual appeal to their viewable ads that consumers will remember.

Furthermore, creating animated videos can be a more cost-effective means of producing a video ad. This is not true in every case so review your options, but regardless of the type of video you make, it can be saved and added to your flipping book html5.

Audio in Digital Catalogs

Sound in videos is an important factor, but by using this digital catalog maker YUMPU Publishing you can embed sound into your marketing material without using visual images.

All you need is an audio file such as MP3 and you can add music or spoken narrative to your flipbook maker and give your content an extra dimension.

Diversifying content in your marketing campaign enables you to build bridges with your audience. Having the platform to include multimedia content from one source enables you to position your entire purchasing path and deliver as many marketing messages as you need where your audience can easily find them.

Digital catalogs not only improve the appearance of your content and increase engagement, but they are also flexible enough to do whatever you need and convenient for customers to find everything they want to know about your product and services without having to search multiple platforms.

Marketers, therefore, have the ideal platform to upgrade their marketing strategy and reach out to customers by using multimedia content.

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