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Digital Flipbook Software ᐅ Top 4 Remarkable Benefits

Digital Flipbook Software ᐅ Top 4 Remarkable Benefits

Digital flipbook software is making its mark and leaving a big impression on publishers and readers in numerous industries. Flipbooks may have gotten off to a slow start. But many household brand names are beginning to reap the benefits of advancements in flipping book technology. For this reason, I’ve gone through countless platforms on the web. I simply wanted to try such software for the restaurant I’m working in. Then I stumbled over a great free flipbook tool called YUMPU Publishing.

Retailers such as Macy’s and e-commerce companies that have a wide range of products benefit the most from digital catalogs. The platform allows publishers to showcase their entire stock in color-pooping detail. The same can’t be said for websites alone where companies struggle to bring all their products to the surface. The alternative is to promote the most popular items. And digital catalogs offer so much more. This article details the benefits of digital catalog software. It also provides publishers with ideas on how to get the most from their marketing content.

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Digital flipbook software support multimedia files

One of the biggest advantages is the ability to publish a diverse range of rich media content.

The advanced publishing platform enables content creators to embed media into the pages of your animated flipbook catalog. By doing this you give your audience a multi-faceted and unique user-experience.

embed videos in digital catalogs

Video embedded in a digital flipbook.

This gives marketers and publishers the opportunity to engage and impress their audience in many ways. This includes compelling in-depth articles and video promotions or educational tutorials in video format.

The software comes with default themes that include stunning graphic designs. But the platforms also have the versatility that allows you to upload your own files.

Your content can be original and compelling. But with the sophisticated touch of modern technology that delivers high-impact results across multiple devices.

You don’t need special skills or software

Because digital flipping book html5 looks so professional and engaging, you can be fooled into thinking they are difficult to produce. The opposite is actually true. Digital catalogs are so easy to create, you only need a rudimentary understanding of how the technology works.

In actual fact, you will still create your content in Word or PowerPoint for example. All you have to do is convert the Word document into a pdf file and upload it.

Flipbook Book Software does the rest.

The result is amazing graphics. We have HTML5 and jQuery to thank for that. The library of computer language has ready-made source codes programmed into the software and converts the pdf file automatically.

Produce offline marketing materials online

Whatever marketing materials used to promote your company offline can be converted into digital format by using catalog software.

The technology replicates the pages of a magazine, brochure or catalog on the screen with the same glossy appeal. Same as it appears in your hand. Sound effects even create the illusion the user is actually turning the pages of a print document.

Digital flipbook technology makes PDF documents look and feel like traditional marketing materials. Except with one massive difference – the cost is significantly reduced.

digital catalogs are great for retailers

You only need to create one digital catalog. Afterwards you have a lifetime supply of whatever publications you choose to make to distribute at will in unlimited numbers.

You can even make money from your digital catalog software by selling advertising space – just like publishers of print magazines do.

Another benefit of selling advertising space is that it gives other brands visibility on a sophisticated platform. This is a far better alternative than intrusive banner ads, pop-ups, and AdSense ads.

Usable on multiple devices

Do you want to reach inter-connected consumers? Then online businesses have to publish content that can be accessed across multiple channels and on multiple devices.

Catalog Maker software uses responsive designs so the content comfortably fits any screen regardless of the device your audience is using.

This is a benefit that works on multiple levels. Say a customer is commuting and arrives at your digital catalog using a smartphone with a 5-inch screen.

By embedding a video in between a feature piece you give the user an easier option to engage with. He can then learn about your product visually rather than having to read a lengthy article. Videos are much easier to digest on small screens than feature articles.

Digital catalog software is making in-roads for big brands but also for everyone else. And this flipbook technology promises to deliver even more in the future. By investing in digital flipbook software, you can get ahead starts over your competitors. Try YUMPU Publishing’s free product and create your first flipbook today!

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