Online Catalog Software is on the Up and Up

Online catalog software brings content to life in high-definition color and with interactive interfaces. Publishers looking to provide their audience with a complete immersive experience with multimedia features and stunning visual content will find everything they need with the latest digital catalog software.

This is particularly the case for companies like travel agents that rely on producing rich media content to promote their services in a fiercely competitive environment. The power of a digital catalog maker is yet under estimated, so early adopters have a prime opportunity to get ahead of their rivals.

Holiday and travel catalogs are among the most visually engaging publications to digest online. They have to be captivating, of course. Images play a significant role in seducing holiday seekers to book their next vacation.

Travel example of flipping page

Online catalog software provides an interactive experience.

Online platforms that are currently available to travel companies do allow publishers to showcase destinations with a series of captivating photos and in-depth articles that explain what holiday seekers can expect from their destination of interest.

However, there are quite a few limitations. There is only so much information you can fit on one webpage without having to guide readers to other pages through a series of internal links. Naturally you promote your most captivating pages. But the innocuous information often gets hidden and missed.

And as every travel agent knows, it is often the finer details that convince consumers to book their next holiday through you rather than a rival. After all, any good travel content writer can make a destination sound appealing.

Digital catalog makers or online catalog software resolve this problem by enabling you to put everything your customers need to know about the destination, accommodation, things to do, your service and the flight and transportation details. All in one place.

In other words, readers do not miss any details. Furthermore, all the information they want is conveniently to handwith a simple great flipping book software.  An online catalog is far more user friendly than having to search for information via a series of links on your website.

Create a content-rich holiday catalog

Evoking feelings of wanderlust is far easier when you have the tools that enable you to create a variety of feature-rich content.

And online catalog software enables you to embed multimedia files that add extra dimensions to your travel catalog and enhance the experience of your audience.

Together with eye-popping images, why not add video content in your travel guide so holiday hunters can get a broader view of the destination and feel as though they are there.

example of a holiday catalog

Add travel videos or other multimedia content to your online catalog.

The ability to add advanced interactive features not only increases the number of ways to sell destinations, but also improves the quality of the holiday seeking experience for your audience.

If you really want to get your customers excited about their next holiday whilst they are booking it, the multimedia capabilities of flipbooks give you an advantage over your competitors.

Not only that, but providing a variety of multimedia applications for your audience to digest content makes it more convenient for them to browse through your travel catalog on any device.

For example, videos are easier to interact with on a mobile device with a small screen than an in-depth feature article. So visitors to your travel catalog can still find something to engage with regardless of the device they are using.

The benefits of online catalog software

Digital catalog software enables publishers to break away from the confines of traditional print magazines. Not only can you publish content in hi-resolution, you can also include interactive image galleries.

There is even the possibility for you to include the finer details such as maps, flights schedules, pictures of hotel facilities and the menus of sponsored restaurants. Advertising space can earn you added income from your marketing campaign.

And that added income serves to boosts the costs you save not having to print thousands of catalogs to distribute around your numerous branches.

When you use an online catalog maker to publish your travel guide, you only have to create one file and you can distribute as many copies as you like. They are much more cost effective than traditional printers and deliver better quality.

You can therefore concentrate producing a travel guide for every destination you cater for. And the extra money you save can be invested to produce more in-depth content that tells your readers the full parcel and package of any given country, city or holiday resort.

Digital catalog software enables travel companies to make a seamless transition from print to screen. The advancements made with animated flipbook technology now make it possible for readers to engage with digital content and enjoy a very similar experience they are accustomed to offline. Only better!

The interactive experience and rich content gives your audience more access to information that is most important to them, so providing you understand your readers and what they want from their holiday, you have all the tools you need to deliver a fully immersive and comprehensive destination guide.

You could be forgiven for thinking online catalog software is complicated to use and requires technical skills you don’t have. At first glance, the end results appear as though you need expert graphic design skills.

But the simple truth of the matter is that you don’t need any more skills than you have already got. You can create your content in a Word or PowerPoint document and convert it to a pdf file. Then all you have to do is load the pdf file into the catalog software and hey presto.

Online catalog software is the future of digital publishing and promises to get even better than it already is. And when you use it, you will have to agree, flipbook software is already pretty darn good.

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