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Create online catalog free from PDFs in just a few steps

Create online catalog free from PDFs in just a few steps

I need a presentation of our products for my work, but I wanted something more special. I had tried numerous e-catalog software. Most of them were expensive and complicated to use. What I needed was a quick and easy catalog builder. I wanted to present my PDF as a catalog online with a page flipping effect that contains all of the elements of a printed document. This file format allows you to share it on social media. Then I heard about the software YUMPU Publishing from one of my business partners. You can create online catalog free from a PDF file. You can add videos, audio, links, and images. After getting to know the software YUMPU Publishing, I can testify that and I have had the best experience with the free and simple software.

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How to create online catalog free?

YUMPU publishing is free software that is convenient and easy to use. The software is the leading digital platform that offers publishing services. They produce digital prints that simulate the reading experience of a printed publication as a catalog by converting PDF to Flip. The published free digital catalog can be accessed from any device such as Smartphone, Tablet, and Desktop. After accessing this free digital Catalog maker software, you are good to start. It only takes a few minutes and clicks to get started with this fantastic software. After registering a new account, you can immediately upload your file and Create Online Catalog Free without breaking a sweat. Using the software doesn’t require you to have skills in catalog software which is a significant relief. It is important to note that you need to create the pdf file in advance.

To create Online Catalog Free, you are required to drag the selected PDF file and drop it in it on the free Catalog creator. The file is automatically converted into an appropriate file format. The digital catalog software allows you to share the created Online Catalog for free on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. All of these options can be seen on the user-friendly interface. This allows you to share the pdf catalog and get more traffic and readers.

Below are the steps on making a Catalog online from a PDF

  1. Register on the YUMPU Publishing website

  2. Upload your PDF

  3. Adjust the missing information such as title, description, tags, etc.

  4. The online catalog is ready!

  5. For more reach, you should share the online catalog on social media

Why publish with YUMPU Publishing

When you are operating an e-commerce business, you must find a way to connect with your customers effectively. You have to impress your customers with good organization and display of your products. No customer wants to browser through a disorganized product catalog with poor-quality photos. The software has a free online catalog generator to make it easy to get started. In a few minutes, you can Create Online Catalog Free that your customers love. When you Create Online Catalog Free, you can complement the existing digital marketing strategies. This can take your sales to the next level. But don’t worry if you’ve never used a free online catalog maker before. The process is simple, and you do not need background knowledge in HTML coding to great e- catalog creator.

When you upload your PDF and click the convert button, our PDF Catalog creator free online will automatically generate a sleek and well-organized online publication. The online catalog maker free adds immense benefits to your business. Below are some of the benefits associated with Catalog Creator Online.

Advantages of the online publication maker

  • Produces SEO optimized catalogs

  • Allows you to add multiple videos, pictures, and audio files to your online document

  • Embed the digital catalog into your website, or blog

  • Links your products in the Catalog directly into your webshop

  • Allows you to make unlimited catalogs

  • The catalogs are easy to share on various social media platforms

  • Provides a download free option for your online publication

Premium Models of the software

Other than the free Catalog maker, YUMPU Publishing offer paid plan offers. These models have various advantages and functions such as:

  • Ad-free publications

  • Data protection settings

  • Monetizable advertising space

  • Customized app design

  • Unlimited uploads

  • Subscription button

  • Personalized logo

In the following you will find some chargeable plan variants of Catalog Maker Online, which further enhances the online catalog.

Improves your SEO strategy

Uploading an online publication can increase your sales by improving the ranking of your website. The various search engines like Google and Co. can use this flipping book software to reduce the size of the PDF without losing the quality. A digital catalog can be a great way to improve your SEO strategy. The software optimizes long PDFs so that each page of the PDF is broken up and indexed one at a time, reducing their size. This gives the publication high search rankings and thus a higher customer reach and visibility. Of course, this is reinforced by sharing the online catalog on social media.

Attracts new reader via social media

Using this Free Catalog Software can increase your product’s popularity by attracting new customers via social media platforms. You can share your Catalog via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Customizes your online publication

The HTML5 catalog is changeable. In contrast to physical prints, online publications can be updated at any time. If you want to add a new product or remove an existing product from your catalog, edit the existing catalog. The online application allows you to edit your catalog to reflect changes in your company and to keep your customers informed of the changes.

Displays multiple items

An online publication can display thousands of items. There is no need to worry about exceeding the file size limit as the PDF file will be compressed. So there can be hundreds of images in the catalog.

Attractive catalogs

With the YUMPU Publishing software you can create attractive and appealing catalogs with an amazing flip effect. You can create a free online catalog with video integration, audio integration, and photo integration. Thus, customers can enjoy the page flipping PDF experience.

Solution that saved my publication troubles

It is evident that YUMPU Publishing is the best software if you want to convert PDF to a free online catalog. One of the functions of the software is sharing on social media. But the embed function of the page flipping PDF in websites and blogs is also awesome. The feature allows your catalog to spread widely to reach many readers and customers in your target market.

If you have already created an online catalog or a product catalog online for free with this software? Just let me know in a comment about your experience.

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