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How to read magazine online free with the all in one solution

How to read magazine online free with the all in one solution

Most of the magazines in the market today have gone online, and it will surprise you that special editions and posts are being created only for web readers. Consumers can read almost anything in online magazines. No matter whether you like art, fashion, finance, music, family matters, or want to read the latest sports interviews. There are always plenty of choices. For the cost-conscious consumers who are still searching for free sources of information and asking how can you read magazines online free, there is a solution. After all, many of us do love to get a free dose of entertainment. In this blog post, I will guide you on how to read magazines online free with YUMPU News.

Think about this; you’ve just heard that one of your favorite celebrities has been nominated for an award, and you are sitting in front of your laptop. Would you quickly search for the story online, or would you spend thirty minutes going to the stores and start looking for a magazine or newspaper that has the story? Simple answer, isn’t it? The average individual would rather log into the internet and read the article or news report. This is because the internet is easily accessible and available than going out to buy a specific newspaper or magazine that includes a particular article or news. Online magazines have become more popular than ever. They are very accessible and the most effective way of advertising anything or portraying valuable information.

Read Magazine Online NOW – YUMPU News!

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How to read online magazines in 3 easy steps

YUMPU News gives you fast and easy access to all of your favorite magazines. You can enjoy your magazine issues on your computer, tablet, and smartphone. To get started on “How to read magazine online free” follow these simple steps:

1.) Head to the login website of YUMPU News

2.) Sign up for an account by filling in some personal details (e-mail address + password)

3.) Wait for the confirmation e-mail + YUMPU News password. Then log in with your new customer details.

4.) Now your account is set up and you have unlimited access to thousands of titles.

You will be able to view all the magazines at once and read the description on the magazine’s cover. Then just tap the magazine, and it will open within seconds. You can add the magazine to your personal favorites as well.

To open all the issues of a specific magazine, just click on it and find all issues below. You can also check the magazine categories, where you will find exciting topics from lifestyle magazines to food, pets, living ideas, cars, etc..

Alternatively, you can download the YUMPU News app to your phone or tablet from the Apple App Store or Google Play. This way, you can download the magazines onto your device so you can read them whenever you want, wherever you are, even without an internet connection.

What’s more, YUMPU News allows you to read online magazines on up to five devices simultaneously. You can also create five different user profiles with just one subscription. All you will need to do is to share your subscription. To do this, make a sign-up and login to your account. Once logged in, your family members and friends can create their own profiles for reading. Each profile will have its own settings for favorite magazines, bookmarks, and so on.

Benefits “How to read magazine online free” with YUMPU News

Easy access

YUMPU News provides lots of benefits to web readers all around the world. To begin with, you can access magazines at any time, from any place. That means you can check out an article on your phone, at your home, in the office, or anywhere else if you have an Internet connection. This way, YUMPU News makes it much easier and more convenient to get information plus entertainment.


Another advantage of reading magazines on YUMPU News is that you don’t have to pay anything for the first 30 days after you sign up. This will allow the reader to browse through the site and see if it’s a suitable source of information. Once you have decided, YUMPU News is the place to be; you can pay a small fee to access everything on the site. This fee is a monthly subscription price of EUR 9,97 only. Subscriptions can easily be canceled at any time.

Missing Issues

Normally if you are missing a copy of your favorite magazine issue means spending more money to order a back issue. Back issues often cost higher than the standard price, and sometimes getting back issues from the distributor is not guaranteed. As they are made on a first-come, first-served basis.

We all know that hot topics tend to sell out quickly and can leave you in the lurch and missing a critical magazine issue. But, subscribing to YUMPU News, you are always guaranteed that you will secure a copy of the latest issue. I wish I had heard of the service much earlier because I ordered recently a very expensive issue.

With YUMPU News you don’t have this problem. It remains the most reliable resource to ensure that you can read any magazine at any time.


YUMPU News also offers a broad and diverse array of magazines and some you have never heard of. On YUMPU New’s website or app, you can search for magazines by brand, topic and, category. For your search just use the magnifier at the right upper corner. The options here are endless. You can find children’s magazines and let your kids read the magazine online free. These will open your children’s minds and extend their vocabulary. It is also a way to get your child interested in a variety of subjects, from arts to science to kids’ entertainment. There are also self-help or lifestyle magazines. These are the most popular reading material. They are suitable for those who want to re-invent themselves or improve their quality of life. With such an extensive collection, you can build your library with magazines to enhance your home, workplace, and general quality of life.

Format of Your Choice

The magazines at YUMPU News are of high quality, easy to understand, and very engaging. You can even choose the reading format. Some prefer to read their magazine one-sided and some like to read it two-sided. You can change your view mode with the little booklet icon at the lower right corner. But that’s not it yet! On the upper right corner is a screw icon (your settings) where you can change your page transition and scroll direction. Feel free to play around with all the settings YUMPU News has to offer.


Forget libraries and your daily walk to the newspaper retailer. Now is the time to leave print magazines behind and start a new flourishing season of fresh and exciting online magazines. See it as a gift to mother nature and yourself and have a go with YUMPU News to read magazine online free. I put together some advantages of my new favorite online magazine reading service, YUMPU News: Unlimited high-quality online magazines; read without Internet connection; share your account with 4 more people; test for 30 days free of charge; get inspired by new magazines daily and access to different devices.

With this YUMPU News the fun of digital entertainment has only magnified. If you haven’t taken a look at your favorite magazine in the last few days, find its online version on YUMPU News, and you will probably have missed some exciting news or stories. Have fun & enjoy!

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