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Picture the scenario. The weekly revenues at a rib shack have started to slow, dip, and then flat-line at a level that simply won’t be sustainable over the long term. And it quickly becomes obvious why this has happened. At around the same time, online delivery services have started to gain a foothold, diverting trade from family restaurants in the neighborhood, and making it much tougher to rely on standard customer groups, potentially putting established businesses at risk. Fortunately, a solution exists that can restore restaurant profit margins, and placed eateries at the top of the online search rankings: using the online menu creator by Yumpu. With these tools, restaurant owners can inform potential customers about the dishes on offer and what the restaurant is all about.

Why is it so beneficial to use an online menu creator and create digital menus?

With a digital menu, restaurants can present their dishes and deals in easy to read format for both desktop and smartphone users. Customers can browse meals, filter by dietary preferences, and see prices at a glance. Even if they are on their way home from work. Digital menus can also have a huge SEO dividend. Design them properly and write with local SEO in mind and it can help restaurants to dominate local search rankings, attracting regular bookings from key customer demographics.

Post your menu in PDF and HTML formats to make them easier for search engines to index.

Finally, digital menus can be visually appealing, with dynamic elements like links, images, audio, and videos. Digital menus are easy to update when new promotions take place to new dishes appear.

How should restaurant managers convert their menu into a digital format?

There are a few different ways to create online menus. For instance, restaurants could talk to third party agencies and pay for portfolios of potential menu designs. Only to find that none of them match their brand identity and house style.  Or they could decide to go it alone​, using old-fashioned publishing apps to create unsophisticated documents that are hard to use.

That’s definitely possible, but it’s not the best option. Instead of using off the shelf publishing packages, it’s much better to create menus for specialist online tools which offer specific templates and services for the catering sector.

Online Menu Creator

Yumpu could change the way you promote your restaurant forever

The best online menu creator out there must be Yumpu, for a number of reasons.

Firstly, Yumpu is a good way to find an online menu creator free of charge. There are no fees for users, which will be helpful for restaurants on a tight budget.

Secondly, Yumpu creates both online PDFs and HTML outputs. As we noted earlier, this is really handy for SEO performance. The online menu creator provides extremely fast rendering, while menus can be optimized for viewing on various devices. That’s a big plus for restaurants that rely on mobile users.

Most importantly, the online menus that users create via Yumpu have the professional appearance that restaurants require. If you’re seeking to attract families based on quality and reputation, you won’t be disappointed.

How online menu creation works: the basics

The process of creating a digital menu might seem daunting to some traditional restaurant owners, but with the online menu creator tool by Yumpu it is really fast and easy. The system is accessible and requires very little technical knowledge, which is one of its great attractions. All users need to do is create a PDF file containing their menu, which can include whatever photographs and textual information customers desire. This can then be uploaded to Yumpu, where the PDF will be converted into an easy-to-use HTML format, which reads a lot like a classic printed document.

Conclusion: Why switching to an online menu creator is a game-changer for restaurants

At the start of this article, we talked about a nightmare scenario for bricks and mortar restaurants. That story didn’t come out of anywhere. It’s what happened to my rib shack and almost caused our business to close.

Thanks to the online menu creator tool by Yumpu. We managed to turn the situation around, and that’s why I’ve decided to write this short guide. Digital menus really work.

They allowed us to show off our desserts in all of their glory. They let us tell the story of our homemade marinades and sauces. And they enabled us to create a design which fits the atmosphere of our family restaurant.

At the same time, Yumpu’s HTML menu proved a huge hit on social media. All menus are optimized for sharing. And when July 4th or Thanksgiving comes around, we find it really easy to update our documents to capitalize on temporary opportunities.

All-in-all, using the online menu creator by Yumpu is the best decision we ever took. It can definitely boost your business as well.

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