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Online Flipbook Maker the benefits of using this special free software

Online Flipbook Maker the benefits of using this special free software

Digital publishing software lets you convert print material and PDFs into flipbooks. Content creators with online books and brochures use PDF to Flipbook Free converters to reach their audience. HTML Flipbook gives readers a superb experience when you create flipbook free. Multimedia elements encourage interactivity and engage an online audience. Most Free Flipbook Makers online are either expensive or have limited functionality. My colleague recommended YUMPU Publishing to me. It’s a free Online Flipbook Maker with all the functionalities I needed.

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About the YUMPU Publishing Company which has the online flipbook maker

You can create Flipbook from PDF free using YUMPU Publishing. The software converts PDF to beautiful digital formats. It simulates PDF content to brochures, catalogs, and magazines for free. All you need is to upload a PDF document and save it in the cloud. You can then access it from any device like mobile, tablet, and desktop. Convert PDF to Flipbook Free using the software today.

If you want to have an even better experience with the Flip book Maker Free software, choose the premium model. The model has several paid options offering you a variety of publication options. With the paid plans, you can upload your logo without ads on your publications. Additionally, we offer data protection settings to keep your publications safe online. Below are some of the paid plan options available. They include:

The adFREE-Plan for more interactivity in the online flipbook

With the adFREE-plan, use the Online Flipbook Maker to upload five magazines per day. You can also display the magazine without any ads. Reach your target audience around the world by trying it for free for one month. You only pay $ 19.95 monthly but can also incorporate multimedia elements. The hotspot editor allows you to link the videos, images and links to your magazine. As a result, it’s easy for you to Create Flipbook from PDF.

The adFREE plan on the Online Flipbook Maker or Catalog Maker software makes it easy for you to incorporate your brand design. Customizing your brand design boosts your online visibility. All you need is to place your logo over the YUMPU Publishing logo. You can also change the background color to suit your branding colors. The content you publish online with this plan is converted to an HTML file that is easy to read by search engines. This means your content is optimized for access by many potential customers online.

You can analyze the performance of your magazine with Google Analytics using Online Flipbook Maker. The plan allows you to position links on your most popular pages. You can also use the visibility settings to limit who sees your content. The Online Flipbook Maker allows you to upload clear images to the software. The player settings make it easy for you to upload images without losing quality.


You can upload up to 100 magazines with this Online Flipbook Maker plan for your Flipping Book HTML5. The plan allows you to present all your magazines at a glance using your brand colors. The WEBKiosk solution allows you to publish your magazines in your subdomain. You can create the professional site in minutes using the drag and drop feature.

If you are looking for a specific design, you can put it in place with CSS and HTML using premium support. You can also link your WEBKiosk to your social media pages for more visibility. The plan helps you advertise other businesses or advertise your business. You can activate or deactivate advertisement space on your command


You can create a customized app with your brand colors on this plan. The Online Flipbook Maker APPKiosk-Plan helps you upload unlimited magazines. Your app is available for download on IOS and Android. It’s under your name making it easy and cost-effective to reach your clients. You can upload your content from any part of the world to reach a global audience. We offer you unlimited support on this plan. As a result, your client’s user rate gets boosted promoting the client’s loyalty.


Enjoy all the other features from other plans using the PROKiosk-Plan. You can also use mobile devices as a channel to increase magazine issues from your app. Additionally, you can increase brand visibility by incorporating your brand into the plan. As result, clients recognize you at a glance from your app which is available in all app stores. It’s also easy to transfer your existing clients from different plans into this plan. The push notification feature increases the usage of your app. This promotes your brand reach in the process.

Step By Step Process Of Creating Your First Online Flipbook

The Flipbook Maker Free software is easy and convenient to use. You can get pdf to flipbook converter free software with free plans online. To publish the first work, you need to follow the following steps.

  1. Create a free account by visiting YUMPU Publishing online.

  2. After creating your account, upload a PDF format document. Wait for roughly 2 minutes as you wait for the conversion to take place.

  3. Then, edit the title and description of the uploaded magazine to make it rank highly. The editing increases your reader user experience.

  4. Next, Embed the publication on your website. You can do this by opening the magazine and clicking on the embed button.

  5. After that, share the magazine with your social media followers. Do this by opening the magazine and clicking the share button.

  6. Create a strong password to protect your publications from hackers.

  7. Also, add multimedia materials by using the “add multimedia to your magazine” feature. After that, use the Hotspot editor to add video, audio, slideshows, or a link to your publication.

This feature is available on the Online Flipbook Maker.

Advantages of using the software

The software is one of the best Flipbook software. To begin with, it’s straightforward to use and is responsive across all devices. You can also upload multimedia like audio and videos without any problems.

The software is known for improving the visual appearance of PDF materials without them losing their quality. Its security features are top-notch, which allows individuals to share materials on social media. You can also gain content insight through Google analytics since the content can be optimized for SEO.


A flipbook maker with all the functionalities is hard to come by nowadays. Most digital publishing software is either expensive or cannot perform online. However, with YUMPU Publishing, even the free version is better than the most premium versions. The Online Flipbook Maker or Flipping Book software has free and several premium plans. You convert pdf to a magazine like digital format for free and share them on social media. Its security measures keep your digital content safe from hackers.

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