Flipping Book HTML5 : Basics + Best Flip Book Maker

Ever noticed that the demand for content, particularly online, continuously increases? You want to be that publisher with top-notch captivating content, and everyone can’t help but get a glimpse of your content? I too found myself in a similar situation. Most of the flipping book HTML5 tools available online were expensive and complicated. Then only lately, my buddy got me links to an excellent free HTML5 flipbook software known as Yumpu.

This digital publishing tool really is an up-to-date solution to publish your HTML5 flipping book easily. Especially if you want to take your writing to the next level.

But let me tell you the whole story.

I was always using a simple PDF file to distribute our restaurant’s menu via Facebook unaware of an easy-to-use HTML5 flipbook maker.

PDF files – how boring.

I was really frustrated because the menu looked so run-of-the-mill. I wanted something more exceptional and I wanted to integrate an eye-catching welcoming video. Although I was researching lots of different flippingbook publisher services online, none of them was perfect for my needs. So I had just about given up when Jonathan, one of my skater buddies, told me about Yumpu flip html.

Flipping Book HTML5: Let’s give it a try!

I immediately signed up for their free service and uploaded my menu in PDF format. I was really excited and hoped for a great and easy-to-use online software. Their PDF to HTML5 creator converted my PDF into a flip book HTML5 in less than a minute. The flip effects were amazing and I was even able to integrate videos, audio files, links to any page, etc. into my menu (although I owned the free product). Due to the flip creator’s usability, my flipping book HTML5 was ready to get shared in about 10 minutes.

It gets better.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I came across their embed wizard. As you know, I wanted to distribute our new menu via Facebook. This top web application even offers the possibility to share your newly created flip book via Facebook – by just posting a link. I was thrilled.

What’s so unique about this flipping book HTML5 maker?

The flip book maker platform is really easy-to-use, also for non-techie users. You quickly get comfortable with the user interface. You can create flipping books with unlimited flip effect pages.

With their hotspot editor, you can further enhance your magazine or catalog with interactive elements. Using a flippingbook publisher service to embed a flippingbook into a website (Joomla, WordPress, etc.) or sharing one via Facebook is pretty easy. You can select between HTML5 and Flash when embedding your magazines to Facebook. You do not need any coding skills or purchase a difficult template from CodeCanyon to do this.

Whether you are using Windows, Linux or Mac, the page flip book works everywhere. This publishing software has browser support for all PDF flipbooks. All flipping books HTML5 are automatically optimized for all devices (dekstop and mobile) and are responsive. Also HTML5 mobile friendly. This is noteworthy because some services create an HTML5 flip book that doesn’t work on mobile devices. The HTML5 publications display fast as you flip without the tiresome delays in other apps, like Flipsnack or other open source software. You can even create a table of contents within your flippingbook – easily.

The cloud hosting service Yumpu comes with lots of other special editing and branding features (depending on the product you’re using).

I mean there are some features you cannot utilize with the most basic plan like, e.g., Google Analytics. But in my opinion, that doesn’t matter because there’s everything you need to get started with an own professional publication.

Make your choice: free or premium

So this flip HTML5 software has both free and premium versions. Besides their powerful gratis product, they do also have different fee-based subscription plans. The premium versions provide you with more customization features. Their adFREE product, for example, goes for $19.95 a month (if you choose to make an annual subscription). Well, if price is an issue for you, I suggest starting with the free account (meaning free – forever!). While you do not get privacy setting features with the unpaid plan, you get this and many more customization features with their adFREE product. As a premium publisher, you can also control the PDF download. With their WEBKiosk product, you can present all your HTML5 or jquery flipping books on your own domain. You can also include and edit HTML code in your WEBKiosk (no Java Script, etc.).

Why should I create a HTML5 flipping book?

The online market is flooded with numerous flip book maker and web apps. Some of the services aren’t trustworthy, and most are expensive with limited functions.

However, with the right publishing software you can reach new customers across all online platforms. All content created is optimized for search engines. Examples are Google, Bing, etc. Mobile HTML makes the content easily accessible to millions of people, no matter where they are.

The flip book  software really is an all-in-one publishing solution. By using it, your publications become a real ROI Booster. You will further engage your readers by embedding audio and video files. Most readers prefer audio and visual content over bulky pages of content, including me.

Your publications will become an interactive experience. Increased website traffic is a guarantee considering the numerous visitors on this website who read, view and download various flip books every day. You can now publish your ideas quickly and with ease – no technical skills, tutorials or help needed.

Astonishing, isn’t it?

For a good author-reader relationship and a great reading experience, you can make use of HTML5 flipping books and experience a transition from dull to interactive documents with pageflip effect. Your target readers will also be more responsive to your content.

If you’re unsure about how your flippingbook should look like, you can find numerous examples when browsing the web.

PDF to flip book HTML5: The conversion

Your document needs to be a PDF file as you upload it to the converter. Upload your publication and wait while it gets converted into an HTML5 flipping book. The output is an electronic and flippable version of your content with a nice page flip effect. It can be spread across the web with ease. No matter which devices people are using (iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows).

There are different categories you can assign your publication to such as arts, culture, fashion, business, and sports. The categories are diverse, and there’s lots of high-quality content on the site itself.

How to make a flipping book HTML5 from PDF?

Go to www.yumpu.com and sign up for free:


Wait for the confirmation email and the password. Afterwards, you can start uploading your PDF. Let their digital flipbook maker create an animated page turning HTML5 flipbook.


After the upload and rendering process you already have your finished page turning HTML5 flipbook.


Now fill in the basic information of your flipping book.


If you like you can also fill in videos, links, photos, etc. On the left you will find media selection. Choose here if you wanna integrate a video, a slideshow, music or a link. Then choose the location where you wanna add your media file. After that you need to add the media information on the right side.

Afterwards, your flipping book HTML5 is ready to be embedded on your website. Just scroll further down until you reach “Embed”. That’s where you get the embed code for your website. That’s basically it. You’re done with your first HTML5 flipping book!


Which flipbook HTML5 providers are out there?

There are tons of other flip book maker service providers out there. However, as I told you earlier, most of them are very expensive or lack pricing transparency. Of course, some offer free plans as well but many of them provide few features.

What is the best flipping book HTML5 maker?

According to my experiences, there’s only one best and most easy-to-use flip book software. Know which one? 😉

Excursus: Demystifying the HTML5 flip book

What is a flipbook?

A digital flipbook is a book displayed digitally that has images in a series which simulate motion upon sensing the touch by a thumb. When flipping the pages, the images actually look like they’re moving. A flipbook is created by using a flipbook creator.

What is HTML5 format?

It refers to hypertext markup language 5, the latest version of the code of web pages. It consists of the HTML (the structure), the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for presentation and the JavaScript (the code language).

Which versions existed prior to HTML5?

The first version was HTML 3.2, followed by HTML 4.01 and XHTML. Since 2014, HTML5 is widely popular.

What is a HTML5 flipbook?

It is an online document that looks similar to a real book. It has a flipping pages effect empowered by HTML5 software. Flip books are a great way of engaging readers due to the multimedia experiences they provide. The right tool will help to convert PDF files immediately.

Flipping HTML5 creation- Promote publications on Facebook

my menu as flipping book html5 embedded on Facebook
You can publish your HTML5 flipbook directly on Facebook.

Facebook remains the biggest of all social media marketing tools but also one of the most challenging to make profitable. That’s not because there’s anything wrong with Facebook per se, it’s just that users are more demanding on the world’s favorite network.

The good news is free HTML5 flipbooks with a professional look give you everything you need to make a success of content promotion on Facebook. The easy use of multimedia element of PDF flipbooks is huge and today we want to run through some techniques to help you maximise engagement and drive more traffic via Facebook.

Share your flipbook links across social media platforms and devices

A page flip PDF to flipbook maker produces flipbooks that work in every browser. This means all people need to view your free PDF flip book is the URL hosting it. This makes sharing it as a flipping book in HTML5 format on Facebook incredibly easy. You post a link to your HTML5 flipping book on Facebook and everyone who clicks will see your wonderful creation.

Yumpu even lets you directly display a flipbook in Facebook. Use the generated Facebook code and embed it to Facebook.

What’s more is that users can access it on the go, because a flipbook is mobile-friendly.

That’s it.

Except posting a link on its own isn’t going to inspire many people to click and read. So let’s look at some ways to jazz up that post of you and promote your PDF digital flipbook even more excitingly.

Use images like you would for any article

The most obvious approach to promoting your publication on Facebook is to post the content like an article. Use a feature image, headline and a description text. It should have a front cover designed to make people want to view and read it – so use that to full effect.

Promote specific stories

Promoting your entire files as flip books is like casting one wide net. It’s fine to do that but probably not enough. If your flip book acts like a magazine with multiple stories targeting different interests, then you’ll want to promote those interests individually as well.

So promote your main feature independently for starters, because that’s what you’ve decided will bag the most readers. Partially, you’ll also have some shorter articles, which will be better suited to mobile users. So promote them separately to attract different kinds of readers.

You will have different topics, types of content and article formats that might appeal to different tastes. Also optimized for mobile devices. So promote them with separate posts to cater to each taste and bring more traffic to your site. By the way, getting more likes and shares.

Promote video content

The most engaging content on Facebook is video and you want to make the most of that. A HTML5 flipping book allows you to easily add video and other rich media content into your digital magazine. You can use features like these to tap into Facebook’s video cloud.

Make compelling video a part of your PDF flip book publishing strategy. You can also post those videos directly into Facebook posts. You should definitely use the possibility to publish your  flipbook including video – audio. The important distinction here, though, is that video boasts the highest engagement and interaction stats on Facebook – including traffic referrals, likes, shares and other key metrics. So make video a priority and create an interactive digital brochure.

Pay up for Facebook advertising

The biggest downside to Facebook as a marketing tool is the network’s efforts to zero down organic reach. You can’t really blame the firm for not giving away its marketing potential but the knock-on effect is you need to pay to get the most out of Facebook.

For some firms, this makes Facebook an unviable platform, but that’s normally businesses that can’t create the content needed to make it work. Visual content rules on Facebook and businesses that can’t produce visual content will struggle.

This is where that multimedia element of page flipping PDF flipbooks comes to the rescue. They’re visual by nature, engaging by design and the promotion techniques we’ve run through should get you off to a great start. So don’t be put off by paying for advertising. When you post your flipbook on Facebook, you should achieve great results.

Flipping book HTML5 support on Facebook

So there you have it. Even though Facebook doesn’t come with a direct way to embed a free flipping book HTML5 into your posts (not yet), there are various ways to promote them effectively on the network.

The cool thing is…

As mentioned in the beginning, my web application of choice already offers the possibility to share one via Facebook. Their embed wizard automatically generates an embed code. You simply need to paste this code into the Facebook status field.

And, while everyone else is still catching up on the notion of a flipping book HTML5 as a content strategy, you can jump in early and make an early name for yourself before everyone catches on.

Let’s recap.

To make a long story short, the free flip book maker Yumpu came as a great solution when I was swamped with work.

I was surprised to see how easy it was to create HTML5 flipbooks from PDF in no time. Especially their hotspot editor with the possibility to add audio, video, and links convinced me.

Meanwhile, I’ve already upgraded to adFREE to remove their branding. I can now customize our menu even more. The premium rates for creating a new flipping HTML5 book are unbeatable.

In a nutshell, the free flipbook maker solution these guys provided is simply great – So give it a go and sign up at the publishing platform Yumpu!

Good luck and tell me about your experiences with the flipbook converter. I’m quite excited.

Jason Marshal

Author: Jason Marshal

Hi, my name is Jason, I'm a part-time chef and full-time digital marketing guru, I know pay-per-click advertising like the back of my hand. I’m also passionate about skateboarding.

  1. G’day Jason, I have a quick question. I want to reach out to non-English users as well. Does this flipping book HTML5 maker allow for customized language reading interface? Sonia

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    • Jason Marshal

      Hi Sonia, yes it does. You can change your flipping book’s language once you uploaded it. Good luck, Sonia.

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  2. Hi Jason, smashing article. Seems as if even people without any prior digital publishing knowledge can create a flipbook. Still, there’s one thing I’m not quite sure about – how can I add videos exactly? Thanks, Noe

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    • Jason Marshal

      Hey Noe, thanks 🙂 Glad that you like it. Definitely.

      You can add videos from within their ‘hotspot editor’ (that’s how they call their flipbook editor). Simply upload your PDF and go to the document manager afterwards. Click on ‘Edit pages’ and voila.

      Click on the video icon and upload a video or copy and paste a Youtube or Vimeo link.

      Best, Jason

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  3. Hi, this is a great article. Our brand is relatively new to the market and we’ve been thinking about a cost-efficient branding and information solution for a long time. Will try this out!

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    • Jason Marshal

      Glad I could help 👍

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  4. Hello Jason, I did not know about the SEO benefits of digital flipbooks yet. Sounds pretty useful then. Thanks for sharing this. Kind regards, Ash

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    • Jason Marshal

      Hi Ash, you’re right. Search engine friendly content definitely helps to attract more readers. Jason

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  5. Hi Jason, I have a small business and so can’t really pay for facebook advertising for my brand. Great if adding flipbooks to facebook will help, also if we don’t work with ads. Thanks!! Regards Dominic

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    • Jason Marshal

      Hi Dominic, sharing content across social networks definitely helps to reach a wider audience. Additionally, Yumpu optimizes the published content for search engines. This means that you can further increase your publication’s visibility and get a great amount of traffic. For free!


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  6. You only explained the benefits of using a flipping book on Facebook. Can’t it be used on Instagram? I actually use Facebook and Instagram to reach out to new clients.

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    • Jason Marshal

      Hi Tyrell, I’m afraid you can’t use flipbooks for Instagram.
      They support networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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  7. I am a content writer and thus do a lot of editing on many documents I write. Do you know how I can save a Flipbook project for future editing? Thank you, Catalina

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    • Jason Marshal

      Hi Catalina, I don’t know what you mean exactly. But if you have an adFREE account, you can upload new revisions of existing flipbooks. So you can easily change and update them at any time.
      Hope this answers your question.
      Kind regards, Jason

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  8. Nice article, Jason!

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    • Jason Marshal

      Thanks, glad you like it. Jason

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