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Flipbooks » This is how you can reach your target group even better

Flipbooks » This is how you can reach your target group even better

Digital technology never ceases to amaze. But with Flipbooks we are entering an exciting new phase of online evolution. In short HTML5 Flipbooks enables publishers to reproduce print content in the digital space. Then again, any type of document you ordinarily print offline, you can replicate online. That means catalogs, magazines, books, brochures, guides, user manuals, booklets, and whatever else you design. If you can draft your content into a pdf file, you can convert it into engaging flippingbooks within minutes. After all, you don’t even need any special design skills or technical know-how to use the software YUMPU Publishing. Here’s what a flipping book HTML5 will do for your content.

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Embed multimedia content to your Flipbooks

The digital catalog software YUMPU Publishing is compatible with all modern media files. Marketers can therefore diversify their Flipbook with a whole range of multimedia files including video, audio, and images.

The advantages this gives your marketing campaign are unrivaled with any other publishing platform. Particularly as digital catalogs have the eye-catching look and feel of high-quality print publications.

You can download any type of multimedia file directly into the catalog maker of your choice. For example from your hard drive, USB memory stick, or mobile device. It really is that easy.

Nonetheless, a digital flipbook gives you many advantages over standard web platforms.

High-resolution visuals

Modern technology makes online visuals burst with color. Then again high-resolution displays on mobile devices and computers make images sharper, clearer, and visually engaging. Because of that Flipbooks benefits.

Flipbooks have high-resolution visual images

Flipbooks with pictures, videos, and links.

A catalog maker reproduces stunning visuals in high-definition which are naturally appealing. Flipbooks simply command attention and attract the eyes of consumers thus increasing traffic and reader engagement.

Improved user-experience

As the standard of online content and digital flipping book software improves, the demands of your customers become higher. Once they have experienced a platform that provides a great user experience, they expect the same high standards across the web.

Flipping book software will revolutionize online content on several levels; Flipbooks look great, offer more, and provide end-users with a unique experience that is a level up from current standards.

Flipbooks provides publishers with a solution to engage readers and give them an improved user experience. And the more time they spend browsing your content, the better your webpage will rank in search engines.

Interactive experience with Flipbooks

One of the ways catalog maker software improves user experience is by providing an interactive experience.

The internet can sometimes make end-users feel disconnected. After all, it is virtual reality. But because Flipbooks mimic print publications, a digital catalog maker transfers the offline experience into the digital space.

Digital catalogs look exactly like a print magazine, brochure, or whatever you create. The pages turn like a print publication. Audio effects even make it sound as if you are holding an actual magazine etc in your hand.

Readers also have the option to bring the content into full screen. They can even zoom in. You can also use the navigation tool to take a closer look at any part of the page. This is great for examining images in greater detail.

Replicate any offline publication

Whatever you can imagine creating in print format offline, you can reproduce online using HTML5 digital catalog software.

Digital Flipbook makers replicate print Flipbooks

If you can create the content you want into a pdf file, it can be uploaded in the catalog software. You do not need any technical or graphic design skills either.

Simply create your content in a Word document, PowerPoint, Photoshop, etc. And then turn the file into a pdf document.

You can create brochures, magazines, catalogs, newsletters, white papers, presentations, and any other content that is a page-turner.

Huge savings

Print publications cost a fortune. When you create content using the digital catalog software YUMPU Publishing you only have to make one copy. Then you have a lifetime supply you can distribute without occurring additional cost.

Not only that but if you make a typing error in a print magazine, it cannot be changed afterward.

You can amend digital Flipbooks in real-time to alter mistakes and save you embarrassment on a wide scale.

Earn money from advertisers

There is scope for a lot of businesses to host ads from third-party brands. They use that to charge them for the advertising space. Therefore, not only do Flipbooks save you money. They can make you money as well.

Flipbooks are the future of online content. To get ahead of their competitors, marketers should think about investing in the Flipbook catalog. It makes sense to take advantage of this emerging market.

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