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Flipbook Versus PDF ▷Are You Ready To Rumble?

Flipbook Versus PDF ▷Are You Ready To Rumble?

Flipbook versus PDF documents could be the next intriguing battle of the publishing platforms. PDFs are becoming increasingly popular among marketers and content creators, especially in professions that demand air of authority. PDF documents do provide publishers with a platform to produce some stunning content. Those are both visually engaging and captivating. HTML5 flipbook technology threatens to topple PDFs off their perch.

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Pros and cons of Flipbook versus PDF files

Online publishers post content in PDF format because they want to protect their intellectual property. The culture of scraping content from sites to use on third-party sites has become problematic and it is often the case that the scraped content ranks higher than the original which is unfair.

PDF documents can replicate print documents in the digital space. Therefore, if you want to publish content in adjacent columns, PDF files do a better job of this than a Word Document.

However, that is pretty much the end of the advantages using PDF files offers. The software has more flaws than benefits.

PDFs are not user-friendly

One of the biggest problems with publishing content in a PDF is they are not user-friendly. And when user experience is high on the agenda of search engines, pdf files are more likely to harm your SEO rankings than they are to improve them.

PDF files do not adapt to responsive sites very well. As a result, they are difficult to navigate without having to scroll horizontally and vertically.

Furthermore, when publishers print content in columns, readers have to scroll down to finish reading the left-hand column and then scroll back up to start reading the right-hand column. It makes for a poor user experience.

pdf files are not user friendly

PDF files are also notorious for slow load times – another factor that leaves a bad impression on end-users. Most internet users will not hang around for longer than 3 or 4 seconds for a webpage to load.

Although PDFs do not offer the best user experience, they are the preferred choice of documents for researchers and academics and therefore rank well in search engines based on the trust and authority of the institutions that adopt them.

However, this is not the case for everyone. Online businesses want to improve citation scores.

Pros and cons of flipbooks

Flipbooks resolve many of the issues that put PDFs at a disadvantage. Thanks to HTML5, flipbook technology knows more user-friendly and can be integrated with Google Analytics so you can measure performance and improve content.

Flipbooks are interactive and provide an immersive experience that is unique and user-friendly. Providing your content is good enough, flipbooks are likely to receive more engagement than a standard PDF file.

You can also add a diverse range of multimedia files into a flipbook, which comes to life with digital animation. Although you can do this with PDFs as well, the catalog maker software makes the user experience more exciting and interesting to use.

One of the main reasons for that is that flipbooks are responsive and can be used on multiple devices, including mobile handsets. They are a perfect combination for tablets that are easy to carry around but have screens that are big enough to access content without needing to scroll.

flipbooks make excellent business magazines

Furthermore, interactive functions allow users to zoom in and make the text bigger and easier to digest. And with the zoom take a closer look at the details of the images. Sound effects also make it sound as though they are turning the pages of a handheld print publication.

Flipbook versus PDF

So as you can see flipbooks offer a far greater range of benefits than PDFs. But that’s not all. You create a flipping book HTML5 from a PDF file. So there is little extra work for you to do to enjoy all the benefits of a flipping book html5.

In just a few easy steps, marketers can transform an un-user-friendly document into a captivating and engaging flipbook that has the potential to retain readers and increase conversions. And that all can be done with a simple and free flipping book software.

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