WordPress Flipbooks – Top 5 Social Media Channels

Flipbook WordPress plugins are leading the way in terms of creating new, visually engaging content. This flipbook trend makes social media promotion the ideal partner but some networks are better than other for promoting your flipbooks.

So today we want to run through the best networks to promote your WordPress flipbooks – first of all for generating traffic, but also user engagement and brand awareness across the various networks. So here are the networks to know about.



Facebook not only comes with the largest audience for you to work with, it also boasts some of the best engagement metrics for good measure (geek pun intended). We’ve published a separate post on how to promote wordpress flipbooks on Facebook specifically, os be sure to check that out once you’re finished here.

The only downside to Facebook is you have to pay up for advertising if you want to get the most out of it (and you do). The good news is flipbooks software integrates directly to social media are perfect for Facebook promotion and the network comes with some of the best targeting options around to help you hone in on the right audience.



Twitter can be a funny tool when it comes to social media marketing but it’s highly effective if you know what it’s good for. Rather than the huge audience and engagement stats Facebook can brag about, Twitter is better used for promoting your brand rather than the content itself.

Wordpress Flipbook on Twitter

The fact you can posts images and videos on Twitter now is a big deal but you need to grab user attention instantly. So, instead of promoting an entire wordpress flipbook, focus on individual articles or specific stats from articles that grab attention. The idea is to establish yourself on the Twittersphere as a brand that brings the latest, must-know information to people’s touchscreens.



Instagram is the undisputed king of user engagement in social media making it a holy grail of sorts for content marketers. The downside is it can be difficult to tap into that potential unless you have incredible visuals to promote. But because wordpress flipbooks produce stunning visuals, flipbook software automatically provides a solution without you having to anything more than converting a pdf file.

So providing you are creating quality content in your WordPress flipbooks you won’t experience any problems and should expect to see more social engagement on Instagram. If your digital magazines are worth promoting they’ll be full of visuals you can use to promote your brand and products on what is arguably one of the most demanding social networks.

Instagram is also taking the advertising route and the features are now available to everyone. Being owned by Facebook, the targeting options are equally impressive too. A key distinction between the two networks is age difference though. The average Facebook user is older than their Instagram counterpart, which not only affects the audience you target but also the content and type of posts you publish.



LinkedIn is a different network by nature to the ones we’ve looked at so far. First of all, this is better suited to businesses of the B2B mould and the approach is incredibly different too. LinkedIn is the only network on our list that allows you to publish full articles. This gives you the opportunity to publish segments of your flipbook on the network and link to the full piece for readers who want more.

If you’re not in the B2B business or covering topics of a professional nature, then this might not be the network for you. If it is, though, you won’t find any other social networks that fill the LinkedIn void.


Where else can I promote my WordPress flipbooks?

Social media might be the first place that comes to mind for promoting wordpress flipbooks, but it’s not your only option. You can also publish individual articles on third-party or platforms like Medium and Spundge. Just remember to link back to your site, the full flipbook or both. You could even turn your flipbooks into a presentation and publish on sites like SlideShare – the flexibility is all there.

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