WordPress FlipBook Plugin Installation

WordPress flipbook software gives marketers the potential to overcome the challenges you face engaging readers. And you can create a PDF flip book on WordPress for free.

The latest developments in animated flipbook software allows publishers to create interactive content with stunning visuals and an immersive user-experience.

There are a whole hosts of features and benefits, but if you are unsure whether flipbooks are worth the investment for your needs, why not sample a free trial from WordPress.

How To Install WordPress FlipBook Plugin

This article shows you how to install the Issuu plugin into WordPress catalog. Although there are plenty to choose from, Issuu is one of the most recognized digital PDF flip book publishing platforms.

I have no ties with Issuu by the way so am not promoting their product. You cannot affiliate this website with any WordPress flipbook software company.
I just intend to give impartial advice about the latest web technologies in order to help marketers improve online content.

To install an Issu PDF flipbook WordPress plugin, go to the plugin section of your CMS and search for flip book. You will find a good plugin selection.
Feel free to choose any plugin and click install now.

Wordpress flip book plugin page

The Issuu pdf sync will appear in your list of plugins. Click view details and you will bring up this page.

issuu pdf sync wordpress flipbook

The instructions page explain that you have to “get a key” to synchronise your pdf files with the Issuu catalog maker. To do this follow the company link and register for an account.

You can do this quickly through Facebook or Google+ directly from the Issuu website. Once you register go back to the WorPress plugin screen page above and click on the Installation tab.

In the Installation tab you will find this link:


Click on the link and you will find to the “My Information” page on the Issuu website.

Flipbook plugins for wordpress

Click API. From there you can create an API key by filling in the field with an application name. Your API key functions in the same way as a password and should not be shared with anyone.

Issuu API key for worpdress flipbook

From here it depends on what API method you want. For more details follow the Issuu getting started instructions to make a request and parse the response.

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