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Facebook remains the biggest name in social media marketing but also one of the most challenging to make profitable. That’s not because there’s anything wrong with Facebook per se, it’s just that users are more demanding on the world’s favourite network.

The good news is free HTML5 flipbooks give you everything you need to make a success of content promotion on Facebook. The easy use of multimedia element of PDF flipbooks is huge and today we want to run through some techniques to help you maximise engagement and drive more traffic via Facebook.

Share your links

A page flip PDF flipbook works in the browser which means all people need to view your PDF flip book is the URL hosting it. This makes sharing your PDF file via flip book on Facebook incredibly easy. You post a link to your HTML5 flipbook on Facebook and everyone who clicks will see your wonderful creation.

Except posting a link on its own isn’t going to inspire many people to click and read – so let’s look at some ways to jazz up that post of your and promote your PDF digital flipbook in a more exciting way.

Use images like you would for any article

The most obvious approach to promoting your free HTML5 flipbook on Facebook is to post the content like an article with a feature image, headline and description text. Your flip book should have a front cover designed to make people want to read it – so use that to full effect.

Promote specific stories

Promoting your entire PDF files via flip book is like casting one wide net. It’s fine to do that but probably not enough. If you’re PDF flip book acts like a magazine with multiple stories targeting different interests, then you’ll want to promote those interests individually as well.

So promote your main feature independently for starters, because that’s what you’ve decided will bag the most readers. You’ll also have much shorter articles, though, and they’ll be topically better suited to mobile users. So promote them separately to attract a different kind of reader.

Your PDF flipbook will have different topics, types of content and article formats that might appeal to different tastes – also for mobile devices. So promote them with separate posts to cater to each taste and bring more traffic to your free HTML flipbook on Facebook and earn more likes and shares.

You can publish HTML5 flipbooks on Facebook directly


Promote video content

The most engaging content on Facebook is video and you want to make the most of that. PDF flipbooks allow you to easily add video and other forms of multimedia into your digital magazine and you can use features like theese to tap into Facebook’s video clout.

Make compelling video a part of your PDF flip book publishing strategy and you can post those videos directly into Facebook posts. You should also use the possibilty to publish your HTML5 flip magazine inclueding video – audio on mobile devices. Essentially, you’re promoting the video separately, much like the point we covered last. The important distinction here, though, is that video boasts the highest engagement and interaction stats on Facebook – including traffic referrals, likes, shares and other key metrics. So make video a priority.\

Pay up for Facebook advertising

The biggest downside to Facebook as a marketing tool is the network’s efforts to zero down organic reach. You can’t really blame the firm for not giving away its marketing potential but the knock-on effect is you need to pay to get the most out of your free page turning HTML5 flipbooks on Facebook.

For some firms this makes Facebook an unviable platform but that’s normally businesses that can’t create the content needed to make it work. Visual content rules on Facebook and businesses that can’t produce visual content will struggle.

This is where that multimedia element of page flipping PDF flipbooks comes to the rescue. They’re visual by nature, engaging by design and the promotion techniques we’ve run through should get you off to a great start. So don’t be put off by paying for advertising because when you post your free HTML5 flip book on Facebook should generate a good return.

HTML5 Flipbook on Facebook

So there you have it. Even though Facebook doesn’t come with a direct way to embed a free PDF HTML5 page flipping book into your posts (not yet) there are various ways to promote them effectively on the network. And, while everyone else is still catching up on the notion of a flippingbook as a content strategy, you can jump in early and make an early name for yourself before everyone catches on.

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