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There is an overwhelming focus for online businesses to develop a powerful content marketing strategy and a flippingbook provide an ideal solution

Search engines and consumers demand high-quality content and a rich user-experience. The challenge marketer’s face to engage readers is becoming more difficult as competition in the digital space grows.

Online catalog software provides a solution. Stunning graphic images, the ability to embed multimedia files and effective interactive features all serve to provide a unique user-experience and enables marketers to take readers on a digital journey.

Multimedia Flippingbook

The advantage an online flippingbook give marketers over any other content publishing software is the scope to include a diverse variety of rich media.

add videos to catalog maker

Digital catalog software is highly versatile. Compatible with almost any file type, publishers can embed, video, audio, images and text files into the pages of an animated flipbook.

This enables marketers to piece together an entire purchasing path in one convenient space without your audience having to search for information or products.

Furthermore, you can link to your product pages directly from the online catalog. With engaging content you can lead consumers directly to the buy button.

Diversify your content

The key to increasing sales from an online catalog follows the same principles as social media marketing: don’t push a hard sale.

A stronger content marketing strategy to include in your digital flipbook is to use all the tools of your online content marketing strategy and deliver content in a way you – and your audience – are accustomed to offline.

Write articles rather than ad copy, adopt the principles of landing pages into one page ads, tell your brand story, include a promotional video and embed a podcast.

An online catalog maker gives you the potential to provide consumers with in-depth information about your products and services. However, some publications should not be entirely about you.

The versatility of an online flippingbook

Online catalog software is so flexible you can reproduce any type of print publication in the digital space.

If your company is accustomed to producing leaflets, brochures and catalogs as part of your offline strategy, you can make huge savings by transferring your offline spend into the digital space.

You only have to create one digital catalog and you have an unlimited supply that you can distribute to any device, anywhere in the world. And with the savings you might want to invest in content to produce a digital magazine.

catalog programs are highly versatile

Online magazines give your company authority in your field and enable you to diversify your content in a way that is more engaging to your audience.

Furthermore, your sales content can be delivered in a subtle way so that your marketing is not overly strong and ‘in the face’ of your customers.

A stronger content marketing strategy is to include industry news and other items from outside of your company. By doing so, you can position yourself as an expert in your field and build trust with your audience.

The modern consumer is more sceptical about sales and marketing than any other generation. In the online sphere, they are consistently bombarded with ads for products they don’t want or need.

And it is often the case that when they do buy something, the benefits are not as good as they were led to believe. Now more than ever trust and authority sells.

Digital catalog software enables marketers to build a relationship with your readers. They look great so are appealing to the eye, they deliver a unique user-experience and they enable you to publish a wide variety of content your readers can connect with.

Adding a digital catalog maker to your marketing arsenal gives you the ammunition to add more firepower to your content strategy. In an age where consumers are more demanding, digital catalog software provides a solution to make their online shopping experience more satisfying.

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