Flipbook Software To Develop Brand Culture [Must-Have]

Finding the right software to support developing and maintaining a brand culture and build customer loyalty can be frustrating. I know it was for me. Blogging, social media and email campaigns work to a degree. However, all these channels require graphic design to make them visually engaging. And the fee for top-quality graphic design is expensive. I only wanted to find an easy-to-use free flipbook software for turning a simple PDF into an engaging flipbook. But that was trickier than I thought. Until I discovered a free software called Yumpu.

If you’re an online business owner or similar, I imagine you have encountered the same obstructions online as I have. The problem is there are not enough viable digital solutions available at an affordable price.

I also found that free and cheap software is limited. And most of them just don’t work as an effective marketing tool due to limited features.

As a website owner I find the lack of vivid options to promote brands somewhat discouraging. Branding is so crucial for continuously engaging your target audience, so can’t be ignored.

But don’t worry. There’s a solution.

I discovered a brilliant flipbook software free solution that turns simple PDFs into visually engaging digital publications. Not only does this pdf flip book software produce excellent graphics. You can even embed video files, sound and slideshows or galleries into your flipbook with no effort.

What I most like about this free flipbook software

To capture the attention of an audience, your marketing content needs to make an impact. Flipbook catalog software provides an ideal solution because the results are aesthetically pleasing. Flipbooks represent traditional marketing materials as virtual publications by adding a flip effect. This effect looks much more real compared to the 2D effects other platforms use.

There is plenty of flipbook software for free as well. However, most of the free versions limit users to basic features. Making them nothing more than a short term solution.

That’s not the case with my favorite platform.

I’m a part-time chef at my friend’s restaurant and used pdf flipbook software to create a menu for the website. My friend then sent the digital menu to our customers by email and posted it to our social media networks. It got loads of responses.

It was definitely the best flipbook software I found. As a digital publishing platform, it has an intuitive user-interface, plenty of great features and isn’t even expensive. It’s also received plenty of positive digital catalog flipbook software reviews.

Their flip catalog software is also really easy to use. You don’t need any technical knowledge. All you have to do is create your content and save it as a pdf file. Use the software to upload your PDF and let it turn your PDF into an HTML5 digital flipbook in a matter of minutes.

It’s that simple.

The free version also provides you with enough tools to get you started and allows you to create stunning content. Publications are compatible with multiples devices including desktop PCs, Macs, laptops and mobile devices. Hence, it’s also one of the best flipbook software for iPad, making all publications responsive.

With the free product, you can embed all types of media formats into your content, including video and audio. This is a real bonus as not all free flipbook software supporting HTML5 let you do this. Overall I was pretty impressed by the free version but upgraded to the adFREE package lately. The main reason was the possibility to customize my flipbooks even more.

Paid or free flip book software?

Whilst most free tools provide the basic features to get you started, the paid plans gives you unlimited access to a broader range of features. Together with loads of other benefits such as privacy settings. They allow you to make your publication visible for specific people only.

The biggest benefit of paid flipbook magazine software is you can add your own logo and brand colours. This is essential for developing your own brand culture. Third party ads are also removed so readers are not distracted by ads from other advertisers.

To give you a quick snapshot, this is what you get with Yumpu’s free flip book software:

  • Unlimited amount of flipbooks
  • Unlimited pages per flipbook
  • Support HTML5, Flash, jQuery and Java Script
  • Integration of multimedia content: videos, sounds, slideshows, hyperlinks

And this is what you get from the $10 adFREE version:

  • Everything listed in the free package above plus
  • No 3rd party ads – enables you to promote your own brand without any distraction from other advertisers
  • Advanced functions – 30 additional tools including Google analytics
  • White label player – enables you to use your own logo and brand colours

There is a choice of subscriptions, but the $10 package will satisfy most small business owners. And don’t forget, if you’re not sure whether flipbooks are the right option for you, the best thing to do is start out with the free version. If you find that it works for you, sign up for the adFREE subscription. Even then you get a 30-day free trial.

If cost is an issue for you, especially if you have been stung in the past, try their free version. You’ll be thrilled, believe me.

But wait, let’s move on with a few basics.

What’s a flipbook?

Flipbooks are not a new idea. They represent a combination of images that can be flipped through. This flipping creates an illusion of movement. Flipbooks became very popular in the late 19th Century. They were used for story-telling by flicking the pages. There existed specific flipbook printer software enabling you to create an own printed flipbook. You could say they were the prerequisite to the first motion pictures.

However, despite the introduction of film, flipbooks gained in popularity throughout Europe and the United States. These small notebooks could range from a few pages to over 100 pages. It became so popular that some developers even created a flipbook photo booth software for cameras. It lets you create flip books using specific cameras.

Flipbook software for PC and Mac work in a similar fashion. It’s simply a transition or fusion from flipbook and software. The user uploads a PDF and lets the PDF to flipbook converter software transform the original document. They appear like virtual publications compared to original flipbooks. Once converted, readers can then flip through these publications. Publishers have the ability to include multimedia files.

If you’re interested, you can read an article about flip book and software on Wikipedia.

What is flipbook software?

Also known as flipbooks, digital flipbook software can be used to create page turning versions of PDFs. Flip book catalog software are powerful publishing platforms marketers can use to effectively engage readers. The best flip book maker software are particularly useful for people that want to raise product awareness and build a brand culture online.

Because digital technology is changing the way we interact with online content, marketers are required to diversify PDF page content and find new ways to engage readers. Electronic flipbook software provides an ideal solution.

Now that consumers are using mobile phones to conduct online searches and engage with content more than laptops and desktop PCs, marketers have to be savvier about the type of content they serve up.

The best free flipbook software provides you with an opportunity to deliver a user-experience that captivates and excites your audience. Interactive features make animated flipbooks instantly eye-catching are instantly eye-catching. They provide a user-experience that is new and refreshing for your audience and can be distributed anywhere in the world. At no extra cost, enabling you to reach a wider audience.

Embed multimedia files with flipbook software

It is compatible with visual and audio files and provides marketers with features to embed multiple types of file formats. You can therefore diversify how you present content and utilize free flipbook software. So computer software for flipbook enables you to create engaging content with vibrant graphics and interactive features that your audience can become fully submerged in. This is particularly useful for industries that require marketing content with striking visual elements.

Catalog flipbook software is therefore highly flexible. The advanced presentation software allows marketers to channel customers along a purchasing path using different file formats to produce content. With a little savvy and creativity, you can use this feature to your advantage and create a brand culture.

For example, both video promotions and audio podcasts are easily digested on smartphones and tablets. Therefore, flipbooks are more popular with mobile users than long form PDF page articles and work on all browsers

If you use printers on a regular basis, free software for flip book will save you a significant amount of money.

There are some flipbook software for Joomla and WordPress. Actually, quite some platforms let you insert your flipbook into a Joomla or WordPress website. Also for responsive sites, the embedded flipbooks appear adequately. While some digital flipbook software can be used directly online, others need to be downloaded first. The desktop publisher software are harder to use for beginners. If you are not tech savvy, I recommend sticking with online pdf to flipbook software.

Furthermore, flipbook technology is not too expensive. You obviously have to pay more for premium packages. But as I mentioned earlier, some free or lower priced packages offer a reasonable amount of features to create stunning content.

Using flipbook software with social media

Now marketers are beginning to understand the relevance of creating a brand culture by publishing high-quality, relevant content. The competition is getting serious.

Love them or hate them, marketers cannot affort to be without social media networks in the digital space. Regardless of how you feel or think about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the rest, they are invaluable tools for reaching your audience and raising brand awareness.

Yet, the problem many marketers find with these networks is the content they publish on social sharing platforms doesn’t get a great deal of engagement. Not enough to justify the time spent creating the content in the first place anyway.

Flipbooks break the mold. I know this from personal experience with the restaurant menu, and have also introduced free flipbooks to a couple of my digital marketing clients. Social media users are intrigued by this new technology and are actively engaging with the content.

Because flipbooks are eye-catching, consumers are curious to know what they are. Providing your content is engaging, they are more likely to explore your brand. Flipbooks have huge potential for companies to build a brand culture.

brand wordcloud

Flipbooks help to develop and maintain a brand’s culture.

The best flipbook software free platforms have social media buttons built in. So flipbooks can be instantly integrated into social networks. With the press of a button your flip book is announced in your social media accounts. Your followers are immediately aware of your latest publication.

You can also use social media as an extension of your flipbook to develop product awareness and build a brand culture. Social networks are a great way to involve your followers in direct communication and engage them in discussion.

Which flipbook software providers are out there?

When it comes to choosing the right software, there are no shortage of options. Furthermore, most flipbooks perform the same functions in the main, although they do have slight differences. Examples are additional features, price and functionality. There’s also some pdf flip book maker freeware out there.

What’s the best free flipbook software?

Here’s a short top 5 flipbook software comparison:


With over 20 million magazines and even more active readers, it is one of the leading digital platforms. In my opinion, it is the best pdf to flip book conversion software. Especially due to the conversion speed. Compared to other platforms, it is the best online flipbook software for Mac, Windows and Linux. Hats off!

Their software is tailored to enhance the timeless elegance of a traditional publication in the digital space. Once you’ve uploaded your pdf, your content is hosted on a secure cloud server. It can be accessed by anyone unless you make your publication private. Privacy settings and even more customization features can be unlocked by upgrading to adFREE. You can try it for free first, though. You can also let your readers make a free download. If the download function is disabled, pop-up-windows are opening with the message “there is no download available”.

Their most powerful features include:

• Helpful support team
• Reach new customers
• Flipbooks are automatically adapted to all devices
• Interactive flip book software to engage your readers (video, audio, links, etc.)
• Your publications become a holistic experience
• Potential for instant online sales – sell from within your publication
• Publish your ideas for free
• No technical skills needed
• SEO-optimized content

i-Spring Flip

If you publish a wide range of content i-Spring Flip is a good option. You can convert cumbersome documents such as eBooks and course books from pdf into a visually engaging flipbook. It’s made by Microsoft so is also compatible with PowerPoint and Word documents which can save you time having to adjust the editor.

• Intuitive user-interface
• Support multiple file formats
• Mobile friendly
• Impressive graphics
• Comes with an e-Learning Mode which is compatible with SCORM, AICC, cmi5 and xAPI


FlipSnack is a web-based flipping book and provides a quick and easy solution for creating a digital catalog for publishers that are not technically minded.
It features an elegant interface which provides a great user experience. The free version delivers more than most free electronic flip book software programs.
• Easy-to-use editor
• Publishers can choose to convert pdf or create content using editing tools in a flipbook PDF software
• Decent selection of built-in template and images
• Subscription starts from $16 a month

The flipbook software HTML5 can be used as an offline flipbook software or used on the web. The provider looks to be one of the most flexible solutions, but is also the most expensive. The premium packages go as high as $999 for the lifetime business plan, but do start as low as $15 a month.

• Free version gives you access to a small number of basic templates and backgrounds
• PDF convertor
• Versatile publishing editor with an impressive list of output formatting options
• Data analytics
• Protection features
• Customize appearance


FlipHTML5 turns pdf file into HTML5 format (without Flash). This is ideal for publishers that are predominantly targeting a mobile audience. You don’t need an extra flipbook ipad software. The editor boasts a rich media of options and some templates.

• Integrates with social media
• SEO friendly
• Statistics counter tracking pages that have been read

Obviously, there are many more flipbook HTML software out there. Some examples are Adobe, Digicel, Kvisoft, XFlip and other digital flipbook software open source solutions.

How to use flipbook software?

If you really want to go to town developing a brand culture, your customer loyalty program could be given a major boost with interactive flip book maker software.

Flipbook creator free software serve as dynamic and powerful publishing tools. This is ideal for online business owners looking to build customer loyalty because flipbooks effectively attract and retain readers.

Catalog software is easy to use. It involves nothing more than uploading a pdf file where you already selected font and page sizes.

If you need some help with saving your file as PDF in InDesign or Photoshop, watch one of these tutorials: InDesign tutorial, Photoshop tutorial.

The next step is choosing your layout and colours for your flip catalog background. It’s really no different from using WordPress, PowerPoint or any other publishing software you are already accustomed to.

The only real difference is, a digital catalog maker produces better graphic designs. The visual results of my favorite platform are far better compared to other software on the market for the same price.

Here’s a step-by-step guide of how to make a 3D flipbook using Yumpu’s software.

1. Go to their website and create an account for the free version
2. Click the upload tab and select the PDF you want to convert
3. Wait for 1-2 minutes for the conversion to complete
4. If you want to embed your flipbook, select the website embed option (paste the generated HTML code into your website)
5. To share you publication on social media networks select the appropriate icons

But wait – isn’t there a premium version as well?

Sure, there is.

If you upgrade to the professional version you will have access to many other cool features the platform has to offer. Take advantage of the free 30-day trial to access the following advanced features:

1. Secure link for sharing and emails safely with your customers
2. Password protect your publications so only subscribers have access
3. Track user behaviour with Google Analytics
4. Schedule publishing and cancelation dates
5. Print your electronic catalog in paper format
6. Include your brand logo, colours and fonts
7. Remove third party ads

Having used this flip book creation software for several weeks now, I feel the technology is the next stage in the evolution of content marketing. Quite simply, it has the power to attract and retain readers more than any other software out there. And that is essential for businesses trying to grow a loyal customer base and a brand culture.

Flipbook software is especially for online companies that are serious about branding or promoting content in a new way. Flip book online publication software is the future of content marketing. Versatile, engaging and affordable, marketers finally have an online solution that doesn’t leave you wanting to put your fist through the screen. Researching all of the different programs out there, I came up with the one best PDF to flip book software. Give Yumpu a try and start creating and sharing lively flipbooks!

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