5 Free Flipbook WordPress Plugins

flipbook wordpressWordPress flipbooks are destined to revolutionise content.

There are some great pdf flipbook WordPress plugins, like Yumpu, to choose from  to help you get started.

If your content needs a boost in the visuals to make it more alluring and engaging, then a flipbook plugin may well provide you with the ideal solution.

Here are five free and easy responsive flipbook plugins you can install to trial or create your first WordPress catalog.

Flipping Book

flippingbook logoFlipping Book is one of the most popular digital pdf catalog software products available and fully justifies its five-star rating in WordPress.

The installed plugin enables you to copy and paste the url that hosts your FlippingBook publication page without having to tweak the embed code.


Issuu is one of the most widely used flipbook site makers on wordpress and is compatible with desktop PC’s and mobile devices.

page flip flipbookTo install the popular digital pdf flipbook wordpress plugin you have to get an Issuu API code to enable you to synchronise your pdf file to the site and on mobile devices.

The installation process is easy and once you are up and running, you can add the flip book page flip into your post and provide your readers with a fully interactive and immersive user-experience on their desktop and mobile phones.



Yumpu provides WordPress marketers with the opportunity to transform pdf page files into readable page flip flipbook. By embedding the links into your WordPress posts you give your readers access to additional content that is visually engaging.

yumpu flipbookYumpu

Html5 ePapers are ideal and popular if you have a large document that you want to break down in bite-sized chunks that are easier to digest.

The shortcuts take readers to designated points in the publication without having to flick through the entire document to find what they need. In addition, the support team will be there if any help is needed when you create the pdf flipbook.

WordPress Plugin PhotoBook Gallery

Created specifically for WordPress, the PhotoBook Gallery plugin enables you to add hundreds of images on the page and arrange them into visually stunning picture books – for no cost whatsoever.

photo book galleryThe software is easy-to-use and is designed to reduce the cost of making digital magazines, pdf catalogs and brochures.

It may not offer content diversity many other digital pdf flip book publishing platforms do, but for a free tool, the PhotoBook Gallery is ideal for putting a flipbook or catalog together.



The ezFlippr wordpress plugin gives users access to a wide range of flipbook wordpress features you can use to explore how flippingbook technology works. You can install the flip books on to your website in one click and add url to your WordPress catalog content.

ez flipperezflippr

The version has a watermark although a WordPress promo code is offered for a limited period which when activated gives you $10 of the paid version.

The ezFlippr software is a good entry level trial to discover if your online business will benefit from WordPress pdf flip books.

Flipbook WordPress Plugin

flipbookFor more choices and information about WordPress flipbook plugin, take a look at the WordPress flipbook plugin store to find out if there are any software programs that suit your needs.

I tried out all sorts of flipbook plugins like Flipping Book, Issuu and ezFlippr. For me, personally the WordPress flipbook plugin Yumpu works best.

It is easy to use and it converts your flash pdf into a flipbook in an instant. Even once, when I had a question the support team answered within the shortest amount of time.

Go and see for yourself why I am so satisfied with the flipbook plugin from Yumpu!

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